10 Tips on How to Seduce Your Husband Successfully

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Let’s face it, learning how to seduce your husband seems to be a strange thing to do right? Well not really. The problem is that unless you stand there completely naked shouting “take me to bed you big stud” he simply won’t get the message. This isn’t necessarily the guy’s fault some of them have an emotional block which doesn’t allow the gentler side of romance in. It’s a bit like chopping your finger off while the Super Bowl is on, he just won’t notice.

Here are some tips on how to seduce your husband which will work on the most unromantic ones out there.

  • 1. Champagne under the stars, this is a great one to start with. Once you’ve had dinner just slip outside and put a couple of glasses on a rug in the garden, invite him outside and just watch his face. This one is best done in summer.
  • 2. Make dinner together. Now all women know how sensual some food can be, especially if you are preparing it in a slow seductive manner. I tried this a couple of times and never even got to eat the meal so you may want to tone this one down.
  • 3. Book a hotel room for the weekend. When he gets home on a Friday night make sure that there is nothing which needs doing over the weekend and get in the car and go to the hotel. Have yourself a nice quiet meal and make sure that room service has a nice bottle of something on ice for when you get back. Make sure that you order strawberries, and for a change, you feed them to him nice and slow.
  • 4. Go to the movies. Now I’m not saying that you should get down and dirty at the multiplex but what I am saying is that you can still stroke his hands and thighs in the darkness. Every now and again just lean over and whisper something sexy in his ear. The trick to this is to make sure that you stay for the whole movie.
  • 5. Play some music softly. Now we all know that men love music, so put on a bit of a show for him. You can quite easily seduce your man with a little dance to some soft music. The reason you have the music on low is because he will sit quietly so that he can hear it whilst he’s watching you, this doesn’t have to be a striptease you could do this while you are ironing a shirt, reading a newspaper, this will cause high visual stimulation.
  • 6. Send him sexy texts. This is a great one, I’ve actually had a lot of fun with this one while I was learning how to seduce my husband, he even drove home on lunch breaks because of some of the comments I sent him.
  • 7. Biting. Now this one may seem a little OTT but playful biting can be an enormous turn on for him, just wait until he’s got out of the shower or having a shave, walk up and put your arms around him from behind and give him a little bite on the top of his back. Just remember with this one, not too hard.
  • 8. Clothes. Get a skirt which is shorter than your usual ones and wear a g-string, sit opposite him while he is watching TV and slowly open and close your legs. Enough said about this one.
  • 9. Send a photo. If you’re the brave type you could always send him a naked picture of you to his mobile phone with a caption which says something like “I love you this much”. Two points with this one – make sure you put his name in the message (in case he thinks you’re having an affair) and always make sure you send it to the right number.
  • 10. Give him a massage. There is nothing a guy likes more than a massage, but make sure that you are in complete control. Don’t let him touch you until you’ve finished what you’re doing, by which time his blood will be pumping so hard that you will feel it through every part of his body.

These are just some of the tips for learning How To Seduce Your Husband, there are others. Just remember throughout any of the seduction techniques, you are the one in control, if he gets to heavy too fast then it’s up to you to slow him down and get him back to your speed.

write by Smith

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