2011 Superbowl Frenzy

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The National football league is going to make the 2011 Super bowl even bigger and better in the Cowboys stadium in Dallas! Oh yes, the next is set to be bigger and better than ever before, with all the moolah raking in! Exciting performances and the even more exciting play offs on the field will have everyone hooked to their TV screens. Proof of this? The mass hysteria and frenzy surrounding this mammoth tournament has already begun!


Preparations have already begun in full swing as the connectivity to North Texas is getting a makeover. There will even be a temporary railway station in Arlington, along with changes to highway lanes. Yes, the 2011 NFL Super bowl has arrived already. So get ready for America’s biggest tournament, my friends!


Every year the logo of the Superbowl changes. What’s it going to be this time around? This year is special, since it is the forty fifth year of the Super bowl and it says so on the symbol in Roman numerals. Moreover, the Cowboys’ Stadium is also very much a part of this logo, since this is where the Super Bowl will be held. This stadium is sure going to see some action! Both on the field and off it!

What is more, this is a debut for the Stadium, since it is going to be the first time that this event will be held in the Dallas – Fort Worth – Arlington area and only the third time that it will be held in Arlington, Texas. This winter, things are sure going to get heated up in the Arlington area!

So how much does America love its largest sporting event? Here are some fun facts!

•The Superbowl Sunday is considered a national holiday and is the largest day of food consumption in the U.S., second only to Thanksgiving. Nope, not even all that binging on New Year ‘s Eve counts!

•This event is also the most watched American television broadcast!

•The popularity of the event has reached such a dizzying height that even the commercials aired on TV are a subject of discussion!

Odds and Ends!

Football picks and football bets for 2011 are already in full swing. Yes, there really is no larger proof of America’s love for football. Word of mouth says that the Colts is the most favored team next year so if you’re looking to make a little windfall, you know where to place your money – yes in Indianapolis. That is not to say that there aren’t any other football bets.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are also among the top reckoners seeing as they’ve won the largest number of super bowls till date. So what’s it going to be? Colts or Steelers? The Cowboy’s Stadium awaits your presence next February!

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