5 Things I Love About Atlanta

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Atlanta is a city of chic sophistication, with world class museums, a fantastic Aquarium, and some of the finest educational institutions in the country. The city has great sports teams in the Atlanta Falcons, Braves and Hawks. And, it has been blessed by mother-nature with beautiful historic gardens, and miles of bike and walking trails. Atlanta has an abundance of world-class hotels and restaurants. All of these are good reasons to love the city. But there’s more. Here are 5 things I love about Atlanta.

1) I love to dance and in Atlanta there are places all over the city that inspire me to slip on my dancing shoes. From night clubs where I can step the night away with a good man, to dinner clubs where I can perfect my Salsa spins, to learning ballroom dancing-Atlanta has it all.

2) I love being able to support locally grown Georgia foods. The DeKalb Farmer’s Market is one of my favorite places to shop. But there are other places to buy locally grown food in several places in the city including Whole Foods Market.

3) I love the weather. I moved to Atlanta to get away from those brutally cold Chicago winters. And, if I never have to shovel snow again, that would be just fine with me. Need I say more.

4) I love the Center For Puppetry Arts, the largest non-profit organization in the USA dedicated to puppetry. They really put on wonderful puppet shows that are fun for both children and adults. And, if you stop by for a visit, don’t miss the Jim Henson Museum at the Center. I’m a huge fan of both puppetry and animation. Guess I’m still a kid at heart.

5) I love Blind Willie’s legendary blues club. Good music, Good food, Good drinks and blues fans — its the perfect mix for a great night of entertainment.

It’s my relationship with people that have made me enjoy living in Atlanta from day one. There’s really something to be said for southern hospitality. People are really warm and friendly here. That’s another reason I love Atlanta.

write by ramos

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