5 Types Of Boots Every Lady Should Have

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One of the ways of looking trendy as women is wearing boots. In addition to the units providing you with comfort, they also protect you from harsh weather. There are many types of boots in the market that you can go for. The most common being:

Ankle length boots

They come in different colors and styles. You can also wear them on different occasions and with different outfits. According to experts, you can wear them regardless of your body shape and height. If you are short and thin, you should wear them with same color jeans, leggings or pants. This is to create an illusion of length thus preventing you from looking too short.

Knee length boots

These are ideal for you if you have a pear-shaped body. Due to their size, they give you the illusion of longer and slimmer legs. For a great look, you should wear the boots with a knee-length skirt or dress. You can also wear the units with your jeans tucked in for a casual look.

Rain boots

They aren’t your everyday boots-you wear them during the rainy days to keep your feet dry. They are made from rubber thus preventing water from getting into your feet. While most of them are black in color, there are others that come in other colors and designs. You should go for the ones that look attractive to you.

Over the knee boots

These units are designed for the tall and thin women looking to create an edgy and sexy look. Experts recommend that you avoid wearing the boots if you are short as they will make you look shorter than you already are. You should also avoid the units if you are curvy as they will emphasize the size of your legs thus making you appear bigger.

Calf length boots

You can wear the boots whether you are tall, short, or thin. The units add some volume to your ankles and calves thus giving your body appearing sexy curves. For a great look, wear the boots with a pair of shorts.


If you are a boot lover there are many types of boots in the market that you can go for. All you need to do is choose the ones that give your body a flattering look. For the boots to last for long ensure that you buy from a reputable store. As rule of thumb, avoid those that come at extremely low prices.

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