ACN IRIS 5000 Video Phone Review – Family and Business Ever So Close

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Over the years technology has made leaps and bounds when it comes to telecommunication. Remember when cell phones were the size of your shoe and the batteries were thick like a bar of soap. Today we have smart phones that are credit card size and have more features than we can count like mp3 players, cameras, games, internet and most of all video. Video is the next generation when it comes to phones. The iPhone is prime example but that’s just a mobile phone. Now video home phones have become a trending reality just like the famous Jetson’s cartoon.

As you know, more and more people are starting to enjoy using video phones in their households which brings them closer to family. Don’t forget the office when it comes to business as well. There are many video phones on the market today but one in particular has grabbed all the attention and that’s ACN’s Iris 5000.

Iris 5000 Specifications

The Iris 5000 has a 7 inch high resolution digital screen with a high tech webcam. In order to use the Iris V you connect it to your modem or router with an ethernet cable just like you would with your computer’s wired internet connection. The Iris 5000 has wireless internet capabilities as well. You can connect your video phone to your TV for a larger screen display by using the video output on the phone. When the phone is not in use you have the option to use the phone’s LCD screen as a Digital Photo Frame with pictures saved on a SD Card or use a USB Flash Drive.

Iris 5000 Calling Features

It provides unlimited calling throughout U.S, Canada and Puerto Rico. You get traditional calling features like: call waiting, caller id, call forwarding, 3-way video calling, video mail messages and 911 dialing. Imagine being able to leave a video mail message just as easy as leaving a voice mail on a regular phone, and then have the capability to check your video mail from your phone or any computer connected to the internet using your email.

The Video Phone Equals Convenience

The Iris 5000 video phone is great when it comes to family and business. You get to see the person you are talking to in real time which is a huge convenience. Even if you have family members miles away it still feels like you are right there with them. Never miss events like Christmas or birthdays. Save on expenses when it comes to business meetings, which is a huge trend these days. Another great asset is when you travel with your phone the number travels with you. All you need is a high speed internet connection and you’re in business. You can literally make and receive calls from your own phone number just as if you were at home. The Iris 5000 is also money saver over traditional phone service. Imagine what you could save when calling from another country!

In conclusion, the Iris 5000 video phone seems to be a good product and is very intriguing. The question is will video phones go viral? Experts predict that in the next 10 years 250 million people will have some type of video phone in their household. Will you be one of those people? It seems like this is the way of the world and not only that, once you see it with your own eyes many will be sold in the first 5 minutes. In my opinion people will flock to get a video phone in the near future because it’s something new and most people have to be the first person in their circle to get it which then because a viral effect.

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write by Michael Riemann

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