Advantages and Disadvantages of Threading Hair Removal

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Today, one of the most common cosmetic problems that most people are concerned about is unwanted hair. Cheeks, upper lips, eyebrows, legs are the body areas where unwanted hairs usually grow. There are several ways to treat unwanted facial problems, such as waxing, tweezing, plucking, sugaring, use of depilatories and creams, laser and electrolysis. Despite these many options, most people prefer to treat their hair growth problems through threading hair removal. This article would give you the advantages and disadvantages of threading hair removal.

Threading is an ancient method that is commonly practiced in different Asian countries. There is no definite declaration yet as to the origin of this method, but it is believed that it has originated in Turkey. However, it is in India and Middle East that threading is commonly seen. Threading is done through the use of a cotton thread that is pulled and twisted on the surface of the skin, thereby quickly and effectively removing hair follicles.

In comparison to other hair removing methods, threading is fast and less painful. Through the expert hands of a professional, the thread can quickly and effectively uproot several hair follicles at once and in no time. With their busy lifestyle, most people wouldn’t want to spend most of their time sitting in a salon just to do plucking and any other lengthy hair removal procedures. Unlike other methods, such as plucking, tweezing and waxing, threading is much more less of a pain to bear. Since unwanted hair usually grows in facial areas like cheeks, eyebrows and upper lips a less painful and efficient technique would be highly ideal.

Threading is also precise and a clean way of removing facial hair. Most methods utilize creams, waxes and other chemical substances making other procedures messy and inconvenient. With just the use of a sheer 100% cotton thread, hair follicles are gently uprooted leaving no traces of the sloppy goo of chemical substances.

Along the benefits mentioned above, threading is also very safe. Since threading process does not strip off the top layer of the skin, skin rashes and irritation are prevented. Waxing and depilatories use creams and chemical substances that could leave the skin harmed and irritated. If you have a sensitive type of skin, then threading would present itself as a very good option.

Lastly, after threading procedures, hairs are expected to grow back after several weeks. Hence, it indeed has a longer lasting benefits compared to tweezing and waxing. Getting a clean and tidy face through treading comes also at a cheap price. It normally could start as low as $5.

Threading hair removal is more beneficial than harmful. The problem, however, with the threading method is that it should be done by a trained professional. Otherwise, it could lead to poor result. If threading is competently done, hair might not be pulled up as supposed to but hair could disadvantageously break instead. Broken hairs are expected to grow back faster exacerbating hair problems even more.

Not to mention that trained hair threading experts are hard to find. Since it is an ancient form of technique that has been developed by most Middle Eastern and Asian countries, practicing experts are very rare. Nevertheless, disregarding the scarcity of trained professionals that could do the procedure, threading hair removal is surely the safest and most effective way to treat unwanted hair problems.

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write by Rachael Morrison

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