All About Brazilian Wax: Advantages and Disadvantages of Using It

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The Brazilian body wax is a famous option among women, most especially during the summer time and in this article we will be discussing all about the Brazilian wax, how to prepare for it, and its pros and cons. Although having hair in the pubic region is completely normal since it happens to everyone, some ladies prefer to remove all that excess hair for aesthetic purposes. A Brazilian wax can be very helpful during the summer time when you want to wear a tight-fitting bikini, since you wouldn’t want any hair sticking out of the bikini, which will most definitely be an unpleasant and embarrassing sight, and disapproved in most cultures.

Seven Brazilian sisters brought the concept of the Brazilian wax to New York on 1987, and since then has become one of the most popular hair removal methods in the United States. Compared to a normal bikini wax, this procedure differs greatly since it will require you to remove the hair found on the back, front and all the hairs found in between. Although in some cases, a strip is placed on the front, however there are certain customers who prefer having the hair on the front removed as well.

One advantage of the Brazilian wax is that you no longer need to worry about any pubic hair in your pubic area, and even in your anus since it will remove all of these.

Compared to trimming or shaving your pubic hair, when you go for this treatment, the growth of your pubic hair will take a longer time. With a this method you can enjoy weeks of having a hair-free pubic area.

A Brazilian wax may sound tempting because of its advantages, but like all things, the procedure has its shortcomings as well. One known disadvantage of the Brazilian wax is its price. Compared to trimming, shaving or even getting a Bikini wax, this method is a lot more expensive and pricey.

The Brazilian wax is also a very painful procedure. Patches of your pubic hair will be ripped from its follicles, so a lot of pain can be expected. If you really want to go through with a Brazilian wax, prepare yourself for the discomfort that comes with the wax treatment.

So despite the pros and cons we’ve listed above, you’ve decided to go on with this procedure. There are certain preparations that must be done in order to achieve the fullest and most satisfying treatment. Before undergoing a Brazilian body wax, you have to be aware of the pain that this wax treatment may cause. Just like plucking your eyebrows from their follicles, the pubic hair is also ripped from pubic area.

Your first Brazilian was will always be the most painful one, which is why some people suggest getting a bikini wax first, if this is your first time getting waxed ‘down there’. A bikini wax will be less painful compared to the Brazilian, and can help you get used to the pain before diving for the total Brazilian wax. Hopefully this article has helped you decide on whether you want to go on with the waxing procedure or not.

write by Philomena

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