All About Male Back and Chest Waxing

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The days of male body hair is over. Today most women don’t like hairy men. If you look at the male models and sportsmen, you will see none of them have any hair in their back or chest. Doctors now say that removing body hair has some health and fitness benefits but the main reason for chest and back hair removal is all about attracting women.

Spa is no longer a women thing; in fact more and more men are visiting spas for getting waxing services for back, chest and genital hair removal. For men going to a spa together with wife or girlfriend has become a new trend.

You can get rid of chest or back hair through different ways. Most men either shave or use waxing service to remove hair from those places. But waxing is the better option as it gives a better look and keeps your chest and back hairless for a long time.

Chest waxing is pretty simple and involves nothing that you should be afraid of. After the first waxing session, some minor bumps and redness might occur but it will only last for a day or two. And soon your skin will get used to waxing and you will hardly ever see those side effects.

The waxing process begins with trimming your hair to a length suitable for waxing. This goes for both chest and back hair removal. It helps reduce the pain and ensures 100% removal of all hair on your chest and back.

Waxing on chest and back can be done in two ways, by using thick non strip wax and strip wax. Non strip waxing involves putting thick layer of wax on the skin whereas strip wax requires a cloth over the wax which is then stripped quickly. This is actually the painful part of waxing. However, you can expect less pain from an expert who has done male chest and back waxing many times before. And to get someone like that, it is best to visit a top quality spa. Some moisturizers and cleansers are used after waxing to soothe the skin.

Removing your chest and back hair has many advantages. With a hairless body your muscles will look more attractive and shiny. A recent survey shows that almost 90% women don’t like back hair and though few of them still like chest hair, they certainly don’t like shaved chest. Even more reason to visit a spa for back and chest waxing.

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