Any Given Sunday – A Gambler’s Point of View

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What does “Any Given Sunday” mean? This is a thought I have not been able to get out of my head, ever since the 1999 movie bearing that title. This can have completely different meanings, depending on who you ask, and when. The meaning, according to the movie’s writer, is that on any given Sunday, anyone team can walk away as winners, or as losers. For me, this is not just any given Sunday, this is the Sunday when I have “bet the farm” on the game, or so to speak. Have I really bet the farm? No, cause I don’t own a farm. But, whether or not my daughter goes to college, as least a good one, or I end up in divorce court, might actually depend on the events of this Sunday. As I sit here anxiously awaiting kick-off, I am forced to recall many questionable decisions I have made, decisions that have allowed to be made, all because of my love for sports. Football particularly, has been behind most of these mental blackouts, than any other sport. An example of these blackout is when my wife left me “in charge”, as she would say. I was so in the zone that I was unaware of the fact that my teenage daughter was in her room enjoying “alone time” with her boyfriend. My wife still advantageously reminds me of that day. But, the worst of these past indiscretions, for me, has to be the time my wife asked me about moving closer to her parents. No doubt she strategically waited until just before kick-off on Super Bowl Sunday, knowing that I would agree to anything so I can enjoy the game in peace.

Now here we are, yet another one of these Sundays. Will I be looking back on this day as another entry in the journal of bad decisions? How did I get here anyway? One minute I am having lunch with the guys from work, next I am being challenged to put my money where my mouth is, suddenly I am here? What is it about us guys? Why does a simple conversation about sports have to turn into $$$$ riding on a football game? I love my team, I believe in their ability to be champions regardless of the fact that they have not won a Super Bowl in awhile. This could be their year, their day, this could be their Sunday. But with us men, it not enough to say you love your team, you have to show it! Following football is like being in a relationship; you can’t just say you’re into your team, you have to go out of your way, to an almost ridiculous level, just to show how much you care. I have heard of putting it all on the line, but I don’t think this is what they meant.

My reflections are coming to an end, along with the game. The score board has not shown loyalty to any one team, and the suspense has been literally killing me. If that new rookie quarterback cost us this game, I will most likely write him a letter of disappointment, by using my keys on his new $200,000+ automobile. Sure he is not to be blame for my lack of self control, or poor judgment, but you don’t expect me to blame myself do you? The score is tied with time left for one more play. Let’s see if this so called, first round draft pick is worth his signing bonus. My thoughts are silenced, my body has literally frozen by the sight of the ball in flight. Its going, going, and…its good!!! Caught in the end zone!!! I shall go to work tomorrow walking proud, a winner! This was not “Any Given Sunday”. This was a special Sunday… a Sunday like no other…this was my Sunday!

write by Alger

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