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A search for the best Baja Hoodie brands will presumably give you unreliable information unless you’re reading this article. Who makes the best quality Baja Hoodie, also known as the Mexican Pullover, Baja Poncho, Hippie Hoodie, or drug rug? A detailed search will eventually lead you to two main brands, Señor Lopez™ and Earth Ragz™.

The Señor Lopez™ boasts of having the most original hooded sweatshirt of this kind. They proudly announce that the material used comes from recycled t-shirts. All the material is pre-washed and pre-shrunk before being weaved to make the pullover. Because of this eco-friendly quality it not only appeals to those that want to go green but also to those that don’t want to buy a hoodie that will shrink after the first washing, something that most hoodies are infamously known for. The result is a soft, slim fit, colorful hoodie. Their catch phrase is, “Remember! If it doesn’t say ‘Señor Lopez’ it’s not a Baja!!!!”™

Earth Ragz™ is the other well respected brand which also upholds being 100% environmentally safe. Their hoodies are fashioned with eco-yarn, a similar brand of material described above. The fabric is processed from pre-consumer recycled fibers from clippings and cuttings leftover by mills throughout the United States.

Both brands of hoodies operate on the philosophy to preserve nature by recycle material that is manufactured in the U.S. Both brands are well respected, whose products are well distributed in stores throughout the country and online. Both brands produce a wide variety of designs of colors to appeal to all subcultures and groups of people.

write by Agatha

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