Career Opportunities For Young Women

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Baby-sitting is an ideal occupation for those who do not mind being out late in the evenings, as it is always done in the baby or child’s own home (unlike child-minding, which is done in the child-minder’s home).

To baby-sit very young children you will need some relevant experience; and many of the agencies which supply baby-sitters insist on their sitters having some form of childcare qualification (e.g. a nursery nurse’s diploma), or experience as a primary school teacher.

Beautician/Beauty Therapy

If you enjoy looking good and helping others do the same, this could be the ideal opportunity for you. You can work from your own home, in clients’ homes, or (one or two days a week perhaps) in an upstairs room at a local hairdressing or beauty salon. If you decide to work from a room in your own home you are likely to need planning permission from your local authority.

Some authorities may also require you to register with them, depending on the range of services you intend to offer.

Beauticians offer a variety of beauty treatments, including depilatory waxing, eyebrow shaping, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, facials, manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, and general make-up advice and assistance.

Beauty therapists traditionally offer a wider range of treatments, including some which are primarily concerned with promoting health and fitness rather than beauty as such: massage, toning and slimming treatments, exercise programs, and so on. Some beauty therapists also offer electrolysis for the removal of unwanted body hair (specialist training is required for this).

In recent years the distinction between beauticians and beauty therapists has become increasingly blurred, and nowadays the term beauty therapist is increasingly applied to anyone working in this field.

In theory, men can be beauty therapists as well as women, but in practice (for obvious reasons) the great majority are female. However, with modern men becoming increasingly concerned about good grooming and health, opportunities for men in this field look set to increase.

Personal Fitness Trainer

If you are physically fit yourself and would enjoy helping others achieve a similar condition, this could be the ideal opportunity for you.

Personal fitness trainers design workout routines for individuals and small groups. They guide their clients through these routines three or four times a week, either in their own homes or in a gym. As well as exercise plans, trainers also advise and assist clients with other aspects of their lifestyle, most notably their diet.

For many clients, the main aim is to lose weight, and diet and exercise both play a very important part in this.

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