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There is virtually no person that likes to travel and doesn’t want to spend a least a holiday in the USA. Most of the people spending their holidays in US are not going to be able to tell you off the top of their heads which is the place they want to go to first or which is the place they prefer. Also most of the people can tell you at least 5 US cities without thinking it about it too much. Because of the large number of big cities and famous ones too, the top US cities’ lists might differ, but on most of them one will find New York, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, New Orleans, Washington DC and Las Vegas. These cities might be the most well known places and have a lot of tourist activities and things to do and things to see, but there are numerous others worth visiting thus the USA can be a holiday destination as many times as you want without being worried of getting bored.

In terms of organizing your trip the first thing you need to do is plan it, figure out how much it would cost you and see if you can get the visa in case you need one. If you are looking for a cheap holiday try flying in spring or autumn when plane tickets are usually cheaper and there are more deals. If you are already on the continent you can either fly into USA or drive or come by bus from Canada or Mexico. Once in the country if you are spending your vacation in more than one place you can use the low cost airlines, you can take the bus or rent a car. In the cities, depending on how big and how developed they are you can get around by bus, metro, train or bicycle. Walking is not always recommended because of the big distances between the tourist attractions especially in the big cities. Concerning your meals you can always it in fast foods, buffets, food courts or dinners which are cheaper than restaurants and you can always check the prices before buying anything or sitting down, thus there are no surprises when the bill comes. You can also buy food from the convenience store and from the supermarket. Accommodation is probably the most expensive thing you have to pay apart from the air fare, but even that can be found at reasonable prices in hostels, motels, inns and camping areas. A place in a camping area or a hostel usually starts from $10 per night and a place in a motel can cost from $30 to $80 and more a night. It all depends on the holiday destination and the time of the year you are going.

As far as the things that you can do or the activities that you can try there is simply no activity that cannot be done in the USA. Depending on your holiday destination you can visit national parks, canyons, beaches, mountains or simply downtowns. In many of the big cities you will be able to visit a Chinatown and if your destination holiday is New York you can visit a lot of European neighborhoods like for example the Italian neighborhood or the polish one, the Russian one or the Dutch one and so on. If you like cities that never sleep you can choose from Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York and many more and if you like quiet places you can choose smaller cities where there is still plenty to do. While Las Vegas is famous for the casinos, Los Angeles is famous for Hollywood and Disneyland. But the most tourist attractions are the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building, the Niagara Falls, the Mt. Rushmore National Monument, the Grand Canyon National park, the Yosemite National park, the Death Valley, the Great Lakes, the White House, and many more.

Not only is the country big enough and with enough destinations to make your decision difficult, but there are so many events happening throughout the year in all the fields that instead of making your decision easier it is actually getting even more difficult. A few of the big events and festivals from the USA are the Super Bowl, the Mardi Gras, the Kentucky Derby, the Burning Man Festival, the Halloween, as well as the important holidays like for example the Memorial Day, the Independence Day and the Thanksgiving Day. Every state has at least one big event or festival happening during the year, but you can also have a great time at the small town fairs. If you are traveling with children you can choose to spend your vacation at one of the many amusements parks available in the country, but make sure the amusement parks you want to go to is opened during the period that you are going on your holiday.

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