Children’s Birthday Invitations

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The celebration of your child’s birthday is filled with happiness and pride. The traditional cake cutting, gifts, the birthday dress and party marks a strong color in your memory palette. The joy felt at a child’s birthday is immeasurable. One of the ways to make this memorable is to extend the creativity in sending personalized Birthday Invitations.

Themes at birthdays are very popular. This would include a dress code, a doll party, fancy dress competition, talent contest or kids coming in hats or swimwear if the venue is a beach party. These need to be clearly indicated in the invitation

Lucky draw is a good idea too. A number or code can be mentioned in the birthday party or can be kept as a surprise element. The invitee must surely carry the invitation to the venue.

It would be a good idea to hand makes them. Best of waste offers much to explore your creative talents. Involve you child and siblings in this card making process. Another simple idea for urgent parties would be to hand write the invite on birthday masks.

Put crayons, water colors, thermocol, chocolate wrappers and old festoons to decorate the card. For the less indigenous, you could try ready made birthday party invitations that are available in book stores. Personalize the invites for more effect. Graphics and illustrations on computers can also be adopted.

It would be a cute idea to have the thumbprint of a 1 year old on the invitation. Nothing can be truly touching and the invitee will surely not miss the function. Another idea would be fabric painting on face cloths or mini handkerchiefs. You can draw a little smiley or a cartoon with just the venue, time and date of the party. If you have creativity and imaginative thoughts, you can get various cake decorating ideas that can be implemented.

To make sure of the head count at a party, the best idea is to have a tear-off confirmation. Presentability skills are also needed while handing out the invitation. For distance invitees, you could post or email the card. Be sure to make a personal call to all invitees.

Where hand invitations are sent, you could go with a bowl of chocolates to make it more inviting. Your personalized invite already finds your guests looking forward to having a great time.

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write by Eric Scott

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