Chingalings, Sydney – Review

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A bar with possibly the coolest name around town, Chingalings is nothing short of fabulous. With the cool name comes a huge adventure to find the joint. Hidden between a tanning salon and an Indian restaurant, I’m sure many people had to walk back and forth once or twice like we did to find the door. When we finally spotted the friendly looking bouncer and got inside, we were glad we’d hunted the bar down.

Upon first glance, we’re not quite sure what we’re in for. There are gritty brick walls and concrete floors, giving off an underground vibe. Settle in with a house wine though, and you’re in for a real treat! A stack of 20 something hipsters schmooze on bar stools and mismatched lounges while the DJ spins dub step and funk. I’m starting to see people gushing over the skeleton pictures spray painted over the walls. Meanwhile, my friend and I are discussing the wire cages and old recycled light fittings which bring a cool industrial ambience. Unlike many of Sydney’s other “small bars”,

Chingalings has had a bit of a tough introduction to Sydney. Originally, the bar was opened with the entry point on Little Oxford St. Neighbours got sick of the noise and kicked up a stink, forcing owners, Jack Brown and Cameron Reid to pay a fine and move. With the entry point shifted to main Oxford Street, the boys were up and running again. The bar also doesn’t have food or cocktails. What you’ll find is a bunch of house wines served in tumblers [$7.50], and beers like Melbourne Bitter or Coopers [$6-$9]. They’ll make sweet mixed drinks for you if that’s what you’re after, but that isn’t really what they do here. What this joint offers is a place for you to wear whatever you feel like pulling out of your wardrobe. The people aren’t pretentious. It’s the simple pleasures that make a great night out at Chingalings. Grab some mates, a few bucks after work and have a night to remember forever!

write by Calantha

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