Crate Training Your New Puppy

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You made the decision to bring a new puppy into your home and now you have to decide how you plan to train him. Crate training your new puppy is one option that you have. Much controversy surrounds the concept of training your pet using a crate. Some dog lovers say it’s a great idea that really works well, while others think it’s cruel to put your pet in a crate.

What do you think about it? Is crate training your puppy cruel or is it a great idea? The answer depends on how you do it. There is a right way and a wrong way. If you do it the right way, it can be very beneficial to you and make a nice little get-a-way for your pet.

Crate Training Benefits You and Your Puppy

Using a crate to train your puppy has many benefits for both of you. Sometimes, it’s not appropriate for your pet to roam around the house freely. It can be very dangerous. When you leave your puppy in the house unsupervised, she can get hurt on many things. For example, she might get into the trash and eat something that makes her ill or she could hurt herself trying to jump up and down on the furniture.

By using a crate, you don’t have to worry about what he’s doing when you’re gone and during the night when you’re sleeping because he’ll have a safe place to stay. It also keeps your puppy from chewing up the furniture, clothes, shoes and anything else he can get his mouth on while you’re away.

Some dog owners use crates to housebreak their puppies because dogs won’t normally use the bathroom where they stay. You can take him to the bathroom before you put him in the crate and as soon as you let him out again. It will keep him from messing in the floor and eventually, he’ll learn to go out to do his business.

When Crate Training Becomes Cruel

When done correctly, using a crate to train your puppy is an excellent tool that can help keep your home running smoothly but when done incorrectly, it becomes cruel and inhumane. Never, ever leave your puppy in the crate for long periods. Leaving her in the crate for an extended amount of time will make her fear it, not embrace it. In addition, she needs to stretch her legs and exercise.

Never lock your puppy in the crate as a punishment for doing something wrong. This causes your pet to have negative feelings that will make him reject it and view the crate as a bad place. Using a crate that is too small for your dog is also cruel. He should be able to stand completely up on all four legs and turn around easily to be comfortable.

Why Crates are a Great Training Tool

When you understand what crate training is and why it’s used, you’ll see why it really is a great training tool. All dogs, regardless of the breed, need a place they can call their own. It needs to be a place where they feel safe and secure.

Dogs have a natural instinct that makes them crave an area that resembles a den or lair. The crate can become your dog’s lair where she feels safe and secure. She’ll go to it by instinct when she’s tired, stressed or just wants to be alone.

If you’ve never crate trained a puppy before, learn how to do it correctly before you start. It will mean the difference between being cruel and giving your puppy a place where he’ll enjoy spending his time. When you do crate training correctly, your puppy will willingly go into the crate when you need him to and he’ll have that safe haven he craves naturally.

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