Custom Sweatshirts Personalized With Your Corporate Logo Wear Well Using Custom Ink or Embroidery

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There is no doubt that your employees will be more comfortable when working outdoor events while wearing an oversized sweatshirt. As corporate purchasing manager, you have a number of options to choose from staring with the type of sweatshirt. Hooded sweatshirts are a perfect choice if your staff are working in cool to cold temperatures, while pullover sweatshirts work in all temperatures indoors or out. While most uniform decisions are based on price, a savvy buyer must also consider staff comfort and safety as sweatshirts are available in safety neon colors or are lined for colder climates when workers would prefer a sweatshirt instead of a coat.

Then there is a matter of inclusion of zippers. Sweatshirts are available in quarter-zip or full zip. Advantage of quarter zip is apparent for female employees who do not want to mess up their hair as they slip that sweatshirt on and off, while a full zip can complement a more formal apparel such as a button down shirt, staff wearing a neck tie or other non-casual top.

Did we say pockets? Sweatshirts are available with kangaroo, slash or zip pockets. If there is a desired utility for pockets they should be included in your feature list, and they should be definitely excluded if your company is seeking a more fitted profile.

Branding your work uniforms is always a good investment. The density of sweatshirt fabric is well suited to use of custom ink colors to perfectly match your company’s logo or for custom embroidery. The advantage of using screen printing to personalize your sweatshirts is the cheap price to print. Your customized sweatshirts can have an image of up to fourteen inches by fourteen inches of message that can be printed on the front and back, as well as screen printed on the hood if you are using hoodies. Before you decide on multiple colors, you should realize that each additional color costs extra. Also, each color requires its own screen to apply that custom ink color. The cost of an AI or Vector file and a screen is known as a production or setup. The setup costs are minor if you are custom screen printing several dozen bags, tee shirts or sweatshirts at one time, and can be quite expensive for very short orders of less than twenty four. The screens used to print are recycled and can cost about $25 per color per order. Corporate and team uniform buyers must pay the screen cost every time they place an order.

Embroidered customized logos look richer and gives a sense of luxury, and some buyers believe the embroidered logo will last longer than a custom ink screen printed design. Embroidery is commonly sewn on the wearer’s left chest or on the hood. Crewneck sweatshirt buyers have been known to embroider the upper back, near the neck with a website address and everyone has considered further personalization by adding a name or title on the wearer’s front right. Embroidery has another advantage over screen printing, in that you are not limited in the number of colors of thread for your corporate logo, there is no additional cost to use as many as twelve thread colors. Production for embroidery consists of the creation of a DST or EMB file, a file that can be used as often as desired and you do not have to pay that production cost ever again.

Another advantage for custom logo embroidery is that you are not forced to buy big quantities. We have no minimum order requirement and often get orders for one jacket or bag for a birthday or anniversary. Shipping costs are relatively higher to ship one item versus shipping costs for a box of forty-eight of course.

Last but not least, for large orders you may want to take the time and effort to get sizing right by ordering one of each size as a sample order before placing a big order. This extra effort will help you to avoid having garments on hand you cannot use. There is no such thing as true to size as there are no standards in garment measurements as there are in determining weight or volume. Getting your order right the first time by reviewing sizes, looking at colors and getting a sample print or embroidery will save you from any unwanted surprises.

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