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Professional football is one of the top sports that people are interested in watching. One of the most popular teams among people is the Dallas Cowboys. But you dont have to be from Dallas to love the Cowboys, nor do you have to be from Florida to love the Dolphins, or any other team for that matter. So far the Cowboys have 5 league championships, and 5 super bowl championships under their belt. The Dallas Cowboys originally known as the Dallas Steers and then the Dallas Rangers, finally settled on the name “Cowboys” for the 1960 season. Since the Dallas Cowboys are such a popular team you can bet many people buy Cowboy apparel including but not limited to Jersey’s, Hats, Jackets, T-shirts, even house ware items! Some of the most popular items with in those categories however are things like Tony Romo Authentic Jersey’s, Dallas Cowboys Throwback Jerseys, Troy Aikman Jerseys, Emmit Smith Jerseys and of course Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl Memorabilia.

Just about anyone can find any of these items for sale online. But where is THE best places to look? Who has the best prices? Lets take the Emmitt Smith Jersey into account on this. If you buy it from the Dallas Cowboy e-store you can expect to pay at least $79.99 for a Legend Jersey. Thats a lot of money! If you buy it from an auction site like eBay you can expect to pay somewhere around $25-$40. OK that sounds a little better! Some people absolutely will pay any price to buy from a well known store. Other people just want the jersey and dont mind if its from a site like eBay. I could go either way personally. Ive found things on eBay that were $400 in the OFFICIAL store, and on eBay it was selling, brand new, tags still on for $100. Its all about personal preferences, I think.

If you are going to buy things on eBay theres a few things you need to know. Firstly when looking for a jersey or anything else, you have to know where to look and what to look for. If your looking for a jersey by a certain team player, your best bet is to start your search with that. Example, you want a Troy Aikman hat and you dont know where to look on eBay. When you search for hats, 5million results come up. So instead search for Troy Aikman hat(s). This will most likely bring up hats involving Troy Aikman. Or just search for Troy Aikman and then you can narrow your results on the sidebar menu (left hand side). Pay attention to the “product description” when your looking at items to potentially buy. Check out some of the acronyms. Theres a lot but Ill list some of the ones that have to do with the quality or newness of the item.

BNWL- Brand new with label

COA- Certificate of Authenticity

HTF- Hard To Find

LE-Limited Edition


MIB- Mint in Box

NB- Name Brand

NWOT- New without Tags

NWT- New with Tags

Some of these acronyms can save you a lot of time and heart ache! Make sure you ask questions to the seller before buying. And also make sure you read any and all of the print the seller has included on the page. Theres also other things you can buy on eBay that are going to be cheaper, besides apparel. Things like Dallas Cowboy house ware items, memorabilia like souvenirs, old ticket stubs, autographs, cards etc. Say your looking for an autograph by Tony Romo. On a retail site it would cost $299-$349 just for a photo frame! And with sites like eBay a mere $125 for an authentic signed photo. Thats a pretty penny right there. If you can save some money and still get a quality product, why wouldn’t you? Another great thing about auction sites is a lot of people on there have stores, so they sell this stuff for a living. And all their products are authentic and BRAND NEW just like if you would buy it in a certain retail store. The next time your searching for some really great Dallas Cowboy gear, why not have a look and see for yourself. I can bet that 9 out of 10 times the auction site will have better prices, matched quality, and even greater availability!

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