Dana White is Simply a Genius

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Dana White, what a genius this man has become for the MMA. As the President of UFC in the United States, he has made UFC what it is today. He has a family of three children and a wife of 13 years. If anyone knew how to promote well it was Dana White. He was recognized as the promoter of the year from 2005 to 2008. Dana White understood everything about the fighters and how the MMA could be successful. His net worth is anywhere from $135 to 150 million. His attitude known as the “I can conquer the world approach” has lead him to be a Genius in his finances as well as developing MMA into a popular sport.

Everyone sees Dana White and his bald head on TV but would you actually assume he is a genius? Dana has a big mouth and he is a confident spokesman, making him a very wealthy man. Dana started as a simple aerobics instructor along with being an amateur boxer in Las Vegas, Nevada. He deserves a lot of credit because at the time before UFC was under his control it really wasn’t a popular sport. Things have changed dramatically since he has taken over. Clearly, he is one of the best promoters in town. A lot of his success can be linked to his ability to promote.

Developing the MMA and getting the right people on board to promote the fights wasn’t easy but Dana always sees a way. He continues to triumph in making MMA, a world wide recognized sport. With his brains, he has become a powerful figure in the world of entertainment. He is a promoter by blood and has even said he will one day step into the ring to battle Tito Ortiz. White may not look like a genius but rest assure he most certainly is. MMA wouldn’t be where it is today with out the efforts and brains of Dana. The ability to envision such an entertainment cash cow is remarkable when you consider the MMA where it as come from and where it is going.

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