Earth Shattering Orgasms – Ejaculation Control for Men by Strengthening the PC Muscle

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From the dawn of time, men have been using their own style of ejaculation delaying tactics with limited success. Today, it’s time, for some straight forward facts and a simple practice for men, who want to learn to become “A Class lovers in the bedroom” and last longer during intercourse. The benefits of learning ejaculation delaying techniques are enormous. To last longer during love-making, provides more time for intimacy, communication, pleasure, loving feelings and the opportunity to have stronger orgasms for a man and the increased opportunities for orgasm for a woman.

First off, for safety reasons, if you have any form of prostate trouble or if you suffer from any non-specific urinary tract infection problems, you should not practise the following technique, until your physician has given you the all Clear.

Strengthen your Pubococcygeus (PC) Muscle

A strong Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle, or sexual love muscle, is an extremely important muscle for a male to develop who wants to last longer and delay ejaculation. A strong Pubococcygeus muscle can strengthen a male’s erection and increase the sensations of his climax. The Pubococcygeus muscle is the muscle that a male squeezes to cut off urination.

To practice strengthening your Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle here’s what you do. The next time you urinate, try stopping your flow midstream, this will activate your PC muscle only. However, if you have a weak Pubococcygeus muscle you may feel you are also squeezing the muscles of the anus and lower abdominals.

Practice is the Key

Here’s a simple technique to practice daily to strengthen and isolate your Pubococcygeus muscle. Stand in front of a mirror and draw up your Pubococcygeus muscle, hold for 3 seconds, then release and push down your Pubococcygeus muscle for 3 seconds.

Continue for 5 minutes, drawing up your PC muscle and release pushing down your PC muscle. You will know you are exercising your Pubococcygeus muscle if your penis lifts up and drops down as you practice your exercises. I would highly recommend, exercising and strengthening your Pubococcygeus muscle, at least once a day or even better, twice a day for 5 minutes.

Recently, one of my Ra’Anui Erotic Tantra students told me, he performed 100 PC muscle squeezes a day, to keep his PC muscle strong and healthy! This man had the most amazing all-body orgasms with delayed ejaculation! Strengthening the Pubococcygeus muscle is one of the greatest sexual secrets a man can know.

Once you’ve successfully mastered, exercising your Pubococcygeus muscle for one month, then perhaps it’s time to try out your newly strengthened love muscle with your partner during intercourse.

Activate your PC Muscle during Intercourse to Delay Ejaculation

During intercourse, pleasure yourself and your partner. As soon as you feel your orgasmic energy building between your male thighs, around 25 seconds before ejaculation, withdraw your penis, take a big deep breath, hold your breath and simultaneously pull up your Pubococcygeus muscle. Do hold as long as you can (5 Seconds).

When you release your PC muscle, breathe out slowly and visualise you are pulling your orgasmic energy, from your genitals upwards to your head and outwards to every part of your body. Take three slow deep breaths in and out and then continue intercourse.

DO NOT squeeze your Pubococcygeus Muscle too late!

Guys, be conservative, don’t do your PC Muscle squeeze too late. Err on the safe side and stop much earlier in your lovemaking than you would during masturbation. If you leave your Pubococcygeus muscle squeeze too late, you WILL ejaculate!

To conclude, you may only need to do one strong PC muscle contraction, to push your orgasmic energy from between your thighs upwards to other parts of your body. Also, if you decide to stay inside the vagina during intercourse, both yourself and your partner will need to stop all movement while you are learning to delay ejaculation.

Continue Love-Making

When you feel ready to continue intercourse, stop squeezing your PC muscle, breathe up and out slowly, take three slow breaths and test. Do you still feel close to orgasm? If your orgasm hasn’t backed off, do another 5 second PC squeeze.

Now you can start moving again and keep pleasuring yourself and your partner. Do keep practicing your new PC muscle squeezing technique until your partner has achieved orgasm or until you decide you are ready to ejaculate.

To further develop your sexual prowess, do look out for my next Ezine’s article, “Earth Shattering Orgasms for Men – Master Slow Abdominal Breathing.”

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