Earth Shattering Orgasms for Men – Educate Your Teenage Boy to Masturbate Slowly

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At birth every human male baby is born with an A1, top-notch multi-orgasmic wiring system, when activated correctly at puberty, is capable of achieving incredible and spectacular out-of-this-world orgasms. In the scheme of things, males are not on this earth long enough, to fully explore the infinite heights of all-body energy orgasms, and multiple orgasms, with delayed ejaculation, which is every mans god-given right!

Recreational All-Body Orgasm

Any mans, pubescent, self-taught masturbation technique, with some minor tweaking, can change an average male orgasm, lasting 5-15 seconds, into a recreational, head banging all-body event! Just because you are a guy, doesn’t mean you should miss out on explosive all-body orgasms. I’m talking about climaxes that can last from one minute, twenty minutes, an hour or more, with delayed ejaculation!

Delayed Ejaculation

Yes readers, I said delayed ejaculation, you see male orgasm and ejaculation is actually, two separate male body processes. Orgasm and ejaculation doesn’t have to happen simultaneously!

Orgasm Awareness

Guys, the next time you’re masturbating pay attention to your body.

  • Do you squeeze every muscle of your body, ten seconds before you ejaculate?
  • Notice your breathing, are you breathing too quickly?
  • Are you holding your breath while you ejaculate?
  • Are you clenching your jaw?
  • Do you make any sound?

Bad Habits

Tensing your legs, squeezing your butt, restricting your throat, making no noise and holding your breath is just a male bad habit! I believe this guy phenomenon, dates back to puberty, to a teenage boys’, first few orgasms.


At puberty, a young male adolescent masturbating has no idea of the power and intensity of his very first orgasm/s.

It is my belief, as arousal builds to orgasm and ejaculation, bad habits such as squeezing every muscle of the body and holding ones breathe, helps to alleviate and control the dynamic and powerful intensity, of teenage boys’ climaxes.

From this teenage experience onwards, many male adolescents, continue to squeeze their legs and butt muscles, they holds their breath and make no sound as they ejaculate, and so begins a life-long bad habit and the inability for any man to experience all-body orgasm, with delayed ejaculation.

Solutions to Build Orgasmic Fitness

It is important when masturbating to orgasm, to relax the body’s muscles and breathe through the experience. Imagine you are breathing the energy and intensity of your orgasm upwards from your genitals. With practice, it shouldn’t be too long before you start to feel your sexual energy rising up your spinal column (Kundalini).

For some males, the experience of all-body orgasm, may feel like a slow and intense energy, moving from the genitals, up the spinal column and throat, mellowing with slow intensity into the head and then tingling with ecstasy to every part of the body, including the hands and feet.

For other men, an all-body orgasm can be a profound spiritual experience (Kundalini awakening). Any man, who experiences a Kundalini awakening, will remember this all-body orgasm for the rest of his life!

Educate your Teenage Boy

Parents, it is important to educate your teenage boys about masturbation and safe sex practices, when puberty begins. I understand that the thought of this idea, could weird out some parents!

Do remember, we are bringing up a whole new generation of boys that hopefully, in this day and age, haven’t had to be subjected, to the negative sex talk and beliefs from our grandparent’s generation! In this new fast pace computer age of PlayStation and Xbox, open communication with your son is a real asset!

Privacy and Sex Positive Open Communication

Finally, a teenage boy requires a safe place, to explore his body, where he is not going to be interrupted by siblings.

Parents, if you are able take your sex positive attitude one step further; do purchase for your son a good quality lubricating massage oil such as coconut oil.

Positive, relaxed and open communication is the key. What a fulfilling way, to prepare your teenage boy, for a smooth orgasmic rite-of-passage into manhood!

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write by Robyn Todd

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