Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Rings

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America is all about freedom, right? We have the freedom to speak our minds, freedom to dress how we want, and freedom to be whoever we want to be. One of the ways we can express ourselves is through our looks. People of the United States are getting piercings today to show their freedom and express themselves. One of the piercings is an eyebrow ring. Although the accessories are stylish for some, there are questions circling the hip jewelry.

One of the most common questions asked is whether there are any risks that come along with eyebrow piercings. The answer is yes, there are plenty of risks you should be aware of. The major risk is an infection that you could get from the equipment that the cosmetologist uses or from improper care of the piercing. Some other risks include allergic reactions, scarring, or more serious infections.

You might also wonder what the price is of an eyebrow piercing- especially in today’s economy. Sources say that the price of any kind of body piercing depends on the type of jewelry you use, the place you go and the area you want to pierce. The rough cost is usually anywhere from twenty-five to thirty dollars.

What about the aftermath of getting the piercing? Those who follow through with the jewelry usually wonder how to clean their ring for proper care. It is recommended that you use a saline solution or boiled salt water to clean the piercing. Make sure when you go through this process that you clean and dry the ring with cotton and remember that disinfectants are much too strong to clean a healthy piercing and can cause problems. If you sense an infection, you can take a zinc supplement to help boost your immune system, which can help your body heal on its own.

As far as the healing process goes, it is common to ask how long this takes after you get the piercing done. It is said to take anywhere from six to eight weeks. Those who like to tweeze or wax their eyebrows are advised to not do so during this time. Even if you think it is fully healed, it is important that you wait for the full healing period to conclude to prevent infections. Pierced eyebrows don’t require too much care other than making sure to not touch the area near the piercing for a while.

One of the other very popular questions is how soon you should wait to change or downsize the piercing. Experts say this varies depending on the person. It is important to remember your eyebrow piercing needs initial and full healing periods. Initial healing periods occur when the skin around the brow forms a layer of skin between you and the starter eyebrow ring jewelry, followed by the disappearance of tenderness. The full healing period occurs when the piercing is entirely healed.

When it comes to changing that piercing, you must remember that when you take out the ring, the wound will want to open itself again. This can delay the healing process and can cause extreme issues with the eyebrow tissue. When you change the ring, you will irritate the new piercing, regardless of the gentle care you use. The best way to prevent all these problems is to wait until you feel absolutely no discomfort whatsoever. You can test this by playing with the eyebrow ring and if you don’t feel any type of discomfort, you are ready to change the piercing. It is recommended that you wait to perform this for two to four weeks.

Once you have had the eyebrow piercing for a while, you might want to take it out for a job interview, a wedding, or just because. When doing this, the number one question running through your head is probably, “how long should I leave this out?” If you have had your piercing for a year or longer, you could get away with leaving the ring out for days if not weeks. Otherwise, those who have a new piercing might not be able to put it back in under a half-hour without discomfort.

These are just a few of the questions running through people’s heads as they get their eyebrows pierced. It is a great way to express yourself but it is a good idea to inform yourself and get answers before you get the piercing. You might be asking more questions but these are the most commonly asked. There are many pros and cons to getting an eyebrow piercing, check it out for yourself.

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