Football Gifts For Mother’s Day – Is Mum Football Mad?

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Mother’s Day 2010 is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about a gift that mum would love. Last year the ironing board cover didn’t seem to go down too well and the year before that she wasn’t too happy with the set of tea towels. Honestly, there’s no pleasing some people.

If you’re mum is a football fan, and yes, there are millions of women who are, there are plenty of great gifts you could buy her this year. For a start there are stadium tours available that let you have a close look around the grounds of the top teams. Liverpool and Manchester United both offer these tours and mum will get the chance to go behind the scenes with VIP access. You’ll get to see the trophies, the changing rooms and might even be allowed on the pitch itself, weather permitting!

Liverpool FC even have there own museum. with lots of interesting attractions such as shirts worn by legendary players, footballs from important games, trophies that the team have won and a full history of the club from it’s humble beginnings to the Championship winning powerhouse it is today.

Club merchandise also includes jewellery for women such as silver team crest pendants and team crest rings. Ideal for the footie loving mum. There are clothes ranges for women too with pajamas and Polo tops proving very popular.

Of course if mum has a favourite player she might like a signed photo or perhaps even a signed shirt. These are a bit harder to find but an internet search is usually fruitful.

Get mum a football gift this year. She’ll love it.

Football Gifts For Mother's Day - Is Mum Football Mad?black t shirt|

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