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It is important for a team to look the same. They can identify each other and it shows unity. With custom team shirts, you can create the look you want. It can be fun to decide what they will wear and to get them made. You can decide what the team will wear or you can ask them for suggestions. You may decide to let the team vote on what the final look will be.


There are plenty of styles available when it comes to custom team shirts. You can go with a regular t-shirt or a polo. You can design on the types of sleeves you would like to have including long or short sleeved. You can also go with a V or scoop neck front as a stylish change. Look at the many choices to help you make your final decision.

The type of material can also influence style so think about that too. You want a shirt that fits nicely but also feels good on the skin. Your team won’t wear it fondly if it is itchy or it bonds too tightly in areas of the body.


There are men’s, women’s and children’s sizes of custom team shirts available for purchase. Don’t worry if the individuals on the team need a variety of sizes to fit them well. If you have a children’s team, consider offering shirts for their parents too. This can be a great way for them to show support from the sidelines.

Most providers offer a size from small through XXXL. They can also offer youth sizes. Keep in mind the material the product is made from can influence the sizing. For example, if they are made from cotton then you should get them larger due to the potential for shrinkage.


Identify your team colours for your custom team shirts. You want them to be a strong reflection of your team. This includes colours that are bold, crisp, and they aren’t going to fade. The right shade of the colour should also matter to you. Talk to the provider to make sure it will look just the way you want it!

Team Name or Logo

What information will you place on the custom team shirts to identify them as your particular team? This can include the team name, a logo, and even a quote the team may follow in their quest to do something remarkable as a team. Find out how much space you have to work with in order to determine the sizing of the information to be added.

Personal Details

Many custom team shirts can be personalised with a number, a last name, or other information. Think about the participants and what they would love to have that would make it personal to them. This can also prevent team shirts from getting mixed up in locker rooms!

How much will it Cost?

Talk to the provider about the cost too because the pricing can vary. What you have as your completed product, the number of items you purchase, and the quality of the items all plays a role in what the price quote will be. Make sure you get something well made so they look nice and they last a very long time.

It may surprise you at how affordable it can be to get what you want! It doesn’t hurt to look at the options and find out what the price will be and then make a decision from there. Some teams have fundraiser to help offset the cost. This may be a way for you to get everything in place and make it possible to pay for them.

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