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“It ain’t ogre till it’s orgre” or so the marketing execs say about the Shrek movie franchise that just released the fourth installment, “Shrek Forever After.” A favorite with both kids and their parents alike, the films have starred the lovable fairy-tale like animated characters voiced by some of the day’s most popular actors. With the success of the 4th Shrek movie, it is almost a given that Shrek costumes will be popular again this Halloween and for children’s birthday parties.

The ogre Shrek is the most popular Halloween costume from the movie series and features the rude yet loveable big guy’s outfit of paid pants, an ivory tunic and brown vest. Of course, Shrek wouldn’t be Shrek without the green latex mask with horn-like ears. If you’d rather not wear a mask, there’s always the option of applying green face paint and a headband with his horns.

The princess Fiona, as we find out from the first movies, has been placed under a curse that causes her to become an ogress after dusk. After falling in love with Shrek, she realizes that life as an ogre is not so bad and lives a happy life in her fairy tale land with lots of little green ogre babies. The fair Fiona is often shown wearing lavender, green or blue gown and has a long brown braid and tiara-horn headpiece.

Other Shrek costumes include Puss in Boots, the suave, Spaniard cat shown wearing tall leather boots, a caballero hat, cape and a sword. Shrek’s sidekick, the donkey, is dumb as a doornail but makes a fun costume idea for a fairytale ball. The donkey costume is all that you’d expect it to be with a furry suit, tall stand-up donkey ears and buck teeth – hee haw! One last costume idea for Shrek fans is the Gingerbread Man, a delectable jumpsuit embellished with almost-real looking confections such as gumdrops, frosting and non-pariels.

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