Girls Checklist for Planning That Extra Special Date

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Planning for that extra special event can be very stressful especially if your date for the evening is an underwear model that puts mannequins to shame. Not wanting to look like the equivalent of Waynetta Slob next to the effortless outfit that Hot Totty is wearing a bit of pre-date preparation can be all you need for that wow factor.

Finding the perfect outfit can be stressful so visit a few shops with your friends and ask for their advice. Don’t settle for anything other than ‘I love it’ and ‘feel great’. If you have bought new shoes, then ensure you break them in beforehand, feet that look like the tentacles of an octopus will not be attractive or pain free. If you can, opt for heels too, as they elongate your legs and support your posture enhancing features such as your legs, bust and bum.

Your hair, make sure you wash it and if you are choosing an up-do, then make sure you have all the necessary equipment, hairspray, clips etc., and if you are a little flush on the cash then pay a professional to do your hair for you or get a quick trim to tidy the ends.

A DIY full body scrub would do wonders for your skin and energy levels so buy skincare products online that you can apply at home beforehand for glowing, supple soft skin.

Consider which skincare products you really need. Are you are going to use fake tan or would tights be more appropriate? A good tinted moisturiser would work just as well as any salon applied products and at half the cost giving your body a great glow but don’t overdo it on the bronze express because you may end up looking like an orange.

Nails. An absolute must. Don’t forget your nails. Paint them or leave them natural but at the very least girls please file them. When you’re holding a crystal glass of champagne the last thing anyone wants to see is the hand of Worzel Gummage next to that beautiful dress and carefully applied makeup.

Ensure to book yourself in for a wax. I won’t go into much detail but for those of you who need it, get it booked a few days in advance and follow the after-care instructions to the letter.

Don’t forget your deodorant, a sexy perfume and lip balm.

A little bit of preparation goes a long way, from finding that perfect dress, to buying skincare products online you’ll be sure to arrive feeling fabulous, looking your absolute best and full of body confidence ensuring that the only thing you have to worry about is the conversation.

write by Louisa

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