Great Party Game for Your Super Bowl Bash

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Planning your Super Bowl party is easy. You have your list of friends and family you want to include. You have all your recipes for great food. Now what about the ice-breaker that gets everyone talking and having fun?

Here’s an idea for a Great Super Bowl party game that your guests will love. When you invite your guests to your Super Bowl party, tell them to join in the fun by asking them to bring a cheer that they have written for the team they will be rooting for. At your party, it’s those unique entertaining touches by the host that make it fun and memorable for your guests.

Here’s an overview of the game: have one set of pom poms in the colors of each Super Bowl team for your guests when they arrive. To get things going, the hosts should go first. Do your cheers with the pom poms, then have someone else who is pulling for the other team do their cheer with their pom poms in their team colors.

Here’s an example cheer: Give me a 1! Give me a 2! Give me a 3! I’m 32 years old and this is my first cheer! Go team go! Go team go!

Throughout the evening, guests can do different cheers for their team. This game gives everyone a chance to be creative and funny, and gets everyone talking and laughing. What a great way to get that team spirit going, and your party going – way before the first kick off of the game.

Score a party “touchdown” with this game that is sure to make your super bowl party one to remember by all!

write by Theodora

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