Green Bay Packers 2006 Preview

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Since 2001 the Green Bay Packers have won fewer games than the previous year. Their alarming slide came to the forefront last season when they finished a paltry 4-12. The team was riddled with injuries and problems. It looked like Brett Favre’s last season would be one to forget. However, Favre has decided to come back for a 15th season in 2006. This upcoming season has to be better than 2005, right?


Brett Favre is past his prime and clinging onto the glory days gone by. Sure, he still has some gas in the tank, but he commits far too many errors to lead the team anywhere meaningful–like the Super Bowl. What’s worse is the fact that the Packers don’t have a bona fide replacement for him. Of course, many will say there’s just one Favre. Still, the Packers are just average in this category. A QB that throws 29 interceptions and 20 TD’s just isn’t getting the job done.

Running Backs

Who’s going to step up and be the man? Ahman Green is an injury waiting to happen. Last season was cut short–he had 255 yards. If Green is healthy, he should rush for about 1,000 yards. Still, that’s only 62.5 yards per game. 2003, when Green rushed for 1,883 yards, was a magical year and not indicative of Green’s ability–especially now that he’s older. The rushing game for the Packers is just average at best.


The receiving tandem is anchored by Donald Driver. Again, question marks abound. If Driver stays healthy, he figures to get about 1,200 yards receiving this season. Aside from Driver, there’s a huge gap in the receiving unit. It’s Driver and Driver. He’s the only reason why the receiving unit gets a grade of average. If he goes down, this unit is well below average.

Defense and Special Teams

The Packers have a lackluster line this season. They picked up DT Ryan Pickett, but they lost Grady Jackson. The best this line can hope for is to make a minor push. The Linebackers are slightly better and could end up being the anchor of the defense if some key players, like A.J. Hawk from Ohio State, step up. To improve the secondary, the Packers sign CB Charles Woodson. He’s not a shut down corner by any stretch, but he could give the secondary a small boost. As to the special teams, well, there’s not much to talk about. The lone bright spot, Ryan Longwell, has left the team for Minnesota. The special teams unit is below average.

2006 Predication

The Green Bay Packers have a somewhat challenging schedule in 2006. Based on 2005, there are at least 11 games they could lose. Some of their opponents include Seattle, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Miami, New England and division foes. It’s the last hurrah for Brett Favre. It’s very likely that the Packers finish somewhere in the range of 5-11 to 7-9.

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