Gyro Bowl Review – Is Gyro Bowl Really Kid Proof?

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Gyro bowl is the amazing non spill, indestructible storage bowl. It spins and spins yet its stuff stays in no matter how handled a first ever in the world of bowls and containers.
Now, wouldn’t it be a nicer home if kid’s food and stuff doesn’t mess up? This is the world’s first ever snack bowl that spins on 360 degree angle without spilling, no matter what! It is 100% kid-proof and kid-friendly.

Non-spill forever
When you stuff food and things in, it doesn’t spill yet it stays open side up. This is perfect in offering food or snacks to your kids, they can just carry it along on the living room, play ground, or anywhere else, even in cars! So however they jump, swing, run and fly, the food keeps in. Is the first ever snack contraption so you will never have to worry about cleaning up messy food and food stains ever again. This gyro bowl is very convenient to use especially when the kids are on the go. And how would you love eating your favorite snacks on the couch without spilling them over?

Dishwasher safe
The Gyro bowl also comes with a lid so when the food’s not consumed, it can still be taken for later use. The gyro balls are also dishwasher safe so mothers would love the gyro bowl even more. This fun and new container saves time and effort as no more further cleaning is necessary.

Serves as a non-spill container
This product may also be used to stuff non food items like nuts & volts, paperclips, push pins, and more! You will never have to pick up those pieces on the floor ever again. You may also use it on your office, take it by the pool and use it on parties or other occasions.

write by Rowena

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