How to Color Your Eyebrows

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How to Make the Perfect Eyebrows – Shape and Colour your Eyebrows like a Pro!

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then think of your eyebrows as the lovely curtains(who doesn’t love pretty curtains:) Whether you’re looking to match the colour of your fabulous new hairstyle, or simply try something new with your look, here are some great ideas to help you color your eyebrows without breaking the bank.

Simple Tools You Will Need:

  • A little patience (15 mins)
  • Bathroom Mirror and Sink
  • Pencil or Applicator Brush(or toothbrush)
  • Hair Color dye or wax kit
  • Small Mixing Bowl

1.) First, you will need to prep your eyebrows by making sure they are clean. Thoroughly wash your eyebrows in order to remove any oils or makeup residue. Also, be sure you have shaped, plucked and brushed your eyebrows before application.

2.) Apply a small layer of Vaseline around the browline. Remember, it’s important NOT to allow the dye or colouring to get into your eyes

3.) Either a powder eyeshadow or a dye kit can be used to apply color to your eyebrows. If using a dye, mix the color per the instructions supplied by the kit. If using powder, a pencil or browbrush will do the trick.

Tip: You can apply a small amount of hairspray onto the browbrush to help keep the hairs in place. This is optional but several people swear by it!

4.) Now on to the fun stuff, choosing your color! Be careful here since the color you choose should complement your hair and skin color- you don’t want to go too dark or too light. Generally speaking, you should only go one step lighter or darker, but those with light hair(blondes, red heads etc…) can go fairly dark since this will help define your eyes.

5.) If using a pencil, draw tiny strokes into your eyebrows, using a sponge or cotton to help blend throughout your eyebrows. If using a dye, mix the ingredients in your bowl according to the instructions. Next, use the applicator brush to carefully and completely apply your brow to the point of saturation(without using too much that it begins to drip) Wipe away any excess color.

6.) Wait about 30 minutes for the color to sink in and dry.

7.) You’re done! Now go find some cute accessories to help complement your new look. And remember, perfect eyebrows are subjective. You can always remove the hair color with a washcloth and warm water to experiment with different looks until you find what works best for you.

write by Meredith

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