How to Draw a Moped

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Mopeds are properly known as powered bicycles. They function like low powered bikes. These vehicles are the most economical and one of safest modes of motor transport, owned by many people in the world. The distinguishing feature of a moped is its pedals, which help power up the motorcycle initially. Mopeds might not give great speed, usually 30 kilometers per hour, but since they are very cheap, overall they give great mileage. Mopeds first gained popularity in Europe, spreading to the US by late 1970. With the advent of scooters, mopeds have definitely become the relic of the past. Off late however, its popularity is again gaining momentum, since they do not emit harmful pollutants. A moped, ‘Amelie,’ released in 2001, is the most popular pick recently.

Required Drawing Tools:

a) Pencil

b) Paper/ Canvas

c) Colors (optional)

d) Paint brush (Optional)

Drawing a Moped: We are covering a moped with its handle to our left.

• Wheels: Always begin with wheels in the case of vehicles. Two big circles should be drawn at some distance to each other. The pedals will be portrayed here. One small circle should be drawn inside each of the larger circles, which represent the hubs of the moped.

• Mudguards: Cover half of each wheel with semi-circular mudguards.

• Spokes: The spikes of the moped resemble that of a cycle or a bike. Draw lines from the hub of the wheel towards the end on each circle to show the spikes on the wheels of the moped.

• Tubes or chassis: The chassis is represented with the help of long cuboidal shapes. Sketch two vertical cuboids in an inclined arrangement, forming a ‘V’ a little above the wheels. The joint of this ‘V’ should be slightly expanded horizontally.

• Connecting rods: From the two smaller circles, inside each of the wheels, extend out two sets of tilted, double rods. The set emerging from the front wheel needs to be longer than the one at the back wheel.

• Pedal: A small circle is sketched between the two wheels. Give it a two dimensional look and project out a small cube from it horizontally. This shall represent the engine cover. Form a smaller circle next to this structure. The pedals will be portrayed here. On the side facing you, extend out a straight line with a small rectangle at the tip to make up for the pedals.

• Stand: Next to the paddles, form an inverted tumbler to show stand.

• Saddle: Draw a horizontal saddle on the cuboid above the back wheel. The set of inclined rods should fuse at the base of the saddle.

• Handlebars: The set of rods emerging from the front wheels go on to form curved, tumbler shaped handlebars. Stretch out two horizontals, from the mouth of the curve, to the right and left for handles. Two small circles at the tip of handles will form the handle cover. Extend out small tilted lines at 45 degrees from the two handles, representing breaks. Show the brakes emerging from a small rectangular box.

• Headlights: Headlights are drawn across the handlebars by portraying a large circle across the middle of the handlebars.

• Exhaust Pipe: It should be drawn across the back wheel, in the form of an oblong, with one end open.

• Finishing: Shade and thicken up the outlines as per your preferences, for more realistic effects.

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