How To Get Rid Of Hull Oxidisation Stains On Your Fiberglass Boat

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Yellow stains are common with fiberglass boats. Hull oxidisation cannot be avoided but can be cleaned off with thorough scrubbing with a sponge with the right kind of cleaning solutions. Avoid using brushes with hard bristles so you don’t scratch your hull’s fiberglass surface. After cleaning your hull of yellowish stains, you can place a protective wax on your surface and polish to make it gleam again.

The wax will bring back the luster and protect your hull from future stains longer. If you don’t take the time to clean off the stains, your hull will look cloudy and dull. Cleaning your hull often and polishing it with marine wax will keep the gel coat on your fiberglass hull in good condition for a longer time. A dirty and stained boat doesn’t help a boat owner’s reputation.

To get rid of hull oxidisation stains, you will need some cleaning solutions and equipment such as marine soap for fiberglass, a bucket or pail, warm fresh water, bleach, a large sponge, rubber gloves, hose or power washer, a rubbing compound specifically for removing stains, a buffer, marine wax for fiberglass, clean rags or lint-free towels.

Wear the rubber gloves to protect your hands from dirt and chemicals. Mix the marine soap in warm fresh water in a bucket. Dip your sponge in the pail and wash your hull with the soapy solution. If molds have developed on your hull, you should add a cup of bleach per gallon of water and soap. After getting some stains and dirt out, rinse the surface with fresh water with a hose or power washer.

There may be more tough stains left on your hull. This is when you have to use the rubbing compound. Rub the compound on your hull with an electric buffer. Don’t rub the compound too much to avoid damaging the gel coat on your fiberglass surface. Stop rubbing the compound as soon as the hull oxidisation stains are removed. Rinse the compound of with fresh water if the label says you should.

Dry the surface with clean towels. Apply the marine wax with a clean white rag. Apply it methodically to avoid missing spots. The wax will appear white and cloudy when it is ready to be buffed. Use a clean electric buffer to polish it. You can also buff it manually with clean rags if you don’t have a mechanical buffer. You can spray your hull’s surface with marine shine products between cleaning and polishing.

The shine solution will further protect the marine wax and maintain a nice shine to your hull between cleaning. Getting rid of hull oxidisation can keep your vessel looking new and raise your boat’s value. Even if you are not selling your boat, it will still be nice to take a boat out when it looks smart and well-maintained. Consider hiring professional boat valeting services for regular maintenance.

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