How to Put Together a Great Hannah Montana Halloween Costume

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It’s that time of year again when your youngster is faced with the decision of what to be for Halloween. Many preteens seek to emulate pop and television stars and among these, a Hannah Montana Halloween costume will be greatly in demand. Besides being one of the top rated TV stars, she has followed up on the huge success of the television show with record breaking concert and DVD sales. Just as her TV double Mylie Stewart is transformed into a teen pop superstar,your young girl can capture the euphoria of that experience with a well crafted Halloween costume. This article will explore some ideas on how to put together your Halloween outfit to dazzle your friends and family and be a Halloween sensation.

Whether you choose to purchase your Hannah Montana costume or put something together yourself,one of the great things about it is that part of the outfit can be put aside in your wardrobe for future use. Although Hannah Montana’s enormous popularity is based on her appeal to young girls, do not discount the idea of having some fun as an adult made up as the young singing superstar.

There are a number of officially licensed Hannah Montana Disney costumes that can be tailored to different styles. The Hannah Montana Quality costume and jacket for $27.99 includes a dress with attached belt and jacket. A deluxe version of this costume comes with a gold jacket and wig. A golden glittery jacket, gold and brown shirt, detached with belt a those signature leggings round out this festive outfit. These are but a few of the choices that come in sizes to fit little girls and preteens.

Well chosen accessories assist in completing the look. While the TV series has been criticized as implausibly portraying the main characters transformation on stage with a blonde wig, the wig remains the central focus of the costume. Quality blonde wigs with short bangs can be purchased in the price range from $9.99 to $29.99. Other clever props include a pop star microphone for $9.99 and the Hannah Montana bangle bracelet to round out your image.

Finally, make up is an important consideration to add the finishing touches to your image. This will require the innovative use of some essentials such as black eyeliner and mascara, neutral or skin matching blush, pink lip gloss and eye shadow in shades of pink purple and cremes- her most popular colors. these colors can be used to portray the smoky eyed look with pink shadow on the lid, vanilla on the brow bone, and sparkley purple shadow on the eyelids. Mascara should be applied in several coats and blush should be put onto the cheek centers and blended from there. Shiny lip gloss completes the final addition.

While coming up with your own unique version of a Hannah Montana Halloween costume can be a considerable effort, the results will speak for themselves. Whether you purchase your own or use a combination of do it yourself clothing along with will chosen accessories, the creative process of becoming Hannah Montana can be fun and rewarding.

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