How to Throw a Super Bowl Party for Teens – Simple Tips for a Super Bash!

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Are you having a Super Bowl party for teens, but are worried that your party will be boring? Let’s here are a few tips that are relatively easy to incorporate, but will keep your teen and his/her friends entertained!

What’s a super bowl without entertainment? The game should be the entertainment, right? Well, that’s not always the case. What if the game is a blowout by halftime? What if some teens just aren’t into football and lose interest even if the score is close? What are you going to do?

When it comes to teens in general, there’s no such thing as TOO MUCH entertainment and the Super Bowl is no exception. Let’s show you how to throw a super bowl party for teens, that isn’t a snoozer!

Food – Having a nice spread for the super bowl should be your first order of business. But, what do teens like to eat? Ok, that was a stupid question! Most teens love to snack on junk food, so why not give them what they want?

For starters, have some good appetizers. Things like chips and pretzels are fine, but that’s boring. If you want to keep kids happy, make sure there’s a few different dips to go with those chips. Have variety! One of the best appetizers for the Super Bowl is tortilla chips with chili cheese dip, and it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to make.

Also, appetizers that come out of the oven are almost always a sure bet! Cheese sticks, TGI Friday’s Potato Skins, pizza rolls etc are all good choices. Teens like “warm” snacks.

As for the main meal, we suggest you keep that simple also. And it doesn’t get any easier than order a pizza and having it delivered right around halftime. If you put the order in right when the game starts, the pizza should arrive by halftime and you can keep it warm in the oven if it gets there TOO early. Also, serving it during halftime will keep your visitors busy, and happy! See, no boredom.

Games – Yes, it’s true. Not every teen is into football. In fact, most girls could care less about the game and probably don’t know who’s playing in it. Here is where you need to get creative to keep those teens interested and having fun.

Your answer to this problem is squares! Yep, do a quick Google search for Super Bowl squares and print out a sheet you can write the points on in a grid. Then, all you need to do is sell the squares for a chance to win some money. These can go from 25 cents to whatever you want them to cost, but make sure it isn’t too much. You don’t want to leave out any kids that don’t have much money!

Squares are a great way to keep uninterested teens in paying attention to the game and the score! And in turn, your super bowl party for teens will be a huge hit!

Being prepared is the key. Come up with some other fun ways to keep your teens interested while the game is going on. Do some random trivia for small prizes that you come up with, and they will love that! Teens are competitive.

Putting all of these things into action is not difficult, and if you have enough additional entertainment and a variety of food on hand, you will throw a Super Bowl party for teens that will be a big hit!

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