How to Wear Your Underwear on the Outside and Get Away With It

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Some underwear is far too gorgeous to be confined to the bedroom! Why just look great in the privacy of your home when you can look superb for all the world to see.

Does the notion of underwear as outerwear make you think Spiderman or Superman? Think again.

I’m not suggesting you go clubbing dressed in a bra and thong (unless you really want to) but a lot of lingerie is perfect for a night of dancing – respectable, yet highly sexy!

Velda Lauder corsets are hot this summer. Choose a pretty frilly one in a light shade for a sweet yet sexy look, or a raunchier one in a darker colour for full-on glamour. Teem with jeans and heels and you have a dazzling party outfit! Victoria Beckham has done this to perfection in recent months.

If you are feeling more daring, go for a chemise or babydoll – worn as a mini-dress. Ideal for warm summer nights, wear with cute babydoll pumps, or choose high-heeled boots for an ultra sexy look.

If you wear your chemise with matching underwear you can even choose one with sheer fabric

For the more cautious, a babydoll also looks great over jeans!

If your office has a flexible dress code, why not wear a pretty chemise or camisole over capri-length leggings or jeans? If that doesn’t turn heads nothing will! Who knows you may even get a promotion, not because you look pretty – though you probably will, but because you will demonstrate that you are a free spirit and a lateral thinker who wishes to push boundaries forward…not a bad thing in the business world!

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write by Ionel Pascan

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