Is Tom Brady REALLY the MVP So Far?

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I know, I know. I must be crazy for even asking the question. How can a guy who is on pace to not only obliterate the single season mark for TD’s but also possibly go undefeated not be the MVP? Only someone who has a personal grudge against the guy could think otherwise. Someone would have to be a die-hard Ohio State Buckeye fan, or hate QB’s who appear in GQ magazines, or hate any player who plays for Darth Hoodie to even entertain the notion that Tom Brady does not deserve the MVP.

Well I stand here today (well, sit here really) as someone who is none of the above three. I happen to like the Wolverines and hold no grudges for the GQ club or anyone who plays for the despicable presence that is Bill Belichick. So now that we are on the same page, allow me to explain to you why Tom Brady is not the MVP of the NFL this season so far.

Yes, Tom Brady will statistically be the best player not only this season, but quite possibly ever. Yes, he will end the season at a minimum of 14-2, with the chance of perfection absolutely in sight. But do these two things mean he HAS to be the MVP. This type of debate arises every year in baseball. Does having the most insane stats imaginable mean you are the most VALUABLE player in all of your sport? A-Rod just won the American League MVP. Was it just because he put up Mantle and Ruth-like numbers? No. It was because he single handedly propelled the Yankees into the playoffs. Take A-Rod away, and the Yankees do not make the playoffs.

So this brings me back to my point. I will say it boldly. As of this moment in the NFL season, having just about completed week 12, Brett Favre is the NFL MVP. Just to endure some more ridicule, lets look at a brief side by side statistical comparison.

Touchdowns: Brady-39, Favre-22.

Yards: Brady-3,439, Favre-3,356.

Interceptions: Brady-4(are you kidding?), Favre- 8

Passer Rating: Brady-127.9, Favre-101.5

Why, after this near embarrassing statistical comparison, and knowing that Tom Brady is quite possibly going to be the quarterback who leads his team to a perfect season, do I think that old man river Brett Favre is the MVP? Thank you for asking. I’ll tell you why. Lets look at some important factors that should not be overlooked. We’ll start simple. Tom Brady actually has a team around him. Brett Favre has players around him. Brady has a team, and one hell of a team on that note. He has the most gifted receiver in the NFL, after the quietest steal in NFL history in terms of trades. His 2nd receiver could be the #1 on many teams. Wes Welker, the #3, could be #1 or #2 on many teams as well. The tandem of Maroney and Morris, although nothing amazing lately, has provided a sound running game. Add this to the fact that Brady is protected by the damn Great Wall of China with his offensive line, and you have all of the pieces for success. I’m not downgrading his success. He is an amazing quarterback. But keep in mind he is playing for an amazing team. He is a product of his own talent, but also of the incredible talent around him.

Brett Favre, on the other hand, is a product of nothing more than himself. Please name for me 4 starters on the Packers offense not named Brett Favre or Donald Driver. You can recite the Patriots wide receiver trio, their tight end, running backs, etc. Brett Favre is playing nearly by himself out there. He is creating a star in a kid named Greg Jennings and until the past few weeks had the equivalent of a high school running game behind him. Despite all of this, despite the lack of talent around him, despite the lack of running game around him until the recent emergence of Ryan Grant, you have an old quarterback doing absolutely incredible things.

And now onto the second reason why Brett Favre, and NOT Tom Brady is the MVP as of right now. Take the fact that the Patriots are the best team in the NFL and add onto that the fact that their schedule hasn’t exactly been, let’s say, daunting. Tell me if this line of opponents sounds scary to you. Buffalo Bills(twice), New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals. Anyone else still shaking? Didn’t think so. The only real defense they have played this season was Indy, and MAYBE San Diego (although lately they can’t seem to defend anybody). The Packers, on the other hand, have played these teams: Eagles, Giants, Chargers, Vikings(twice), Bears, @Denver, @Kansas City, and Carolina. I said it in a previous post of mine, but I don’t believe anyone in the league has had a tougher schedule defensively than that so far. And yet Brett Favre has nearly single-handedly led his team to a 9-1 record.

Add all of these factors together, and it spells one thing; MVP. Most VALUABLE Player. Brett Favre, in terms of value to his team, is the best player in the National Football League right now. Let the hate emails and comments proceed.

write by Donaldson

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