It’s B-a-a-c-k – Yes, Ladies – Football Pre-Season is Here – What a Good Thing For Your Relationship

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You fell madly, deeply, passionately in love. And now, a few – what? Months? Years? Whatever – later: there he is, glued to the television set, ignoring you from the start of NFL pre-season football in August right through to the February Super Bowl.

Can it be that he doesn’t love you anymore?!

Don’t be silly.

Here’s the thing. You want unconditional love, don’t you?

So give it already!!!

Here’s something we discovered over a 36-year volatile yet joyful relationship: each of us always sees where we are as the right place to be.

So. Even though our life partner may have walked a thousand miles to get to where we are, it always seems to us that they have only come to the starting place, to the reasonable place to be.

Get over it. If you want your relationship to last 36 + years. Joyfully.

He loves football. You love – well, whatever it is you love. Besides him, that is. And we trust that, whatever it is, you love him more than you love – well, whatever it is.

So what’s the big deal? You’re not bright enough to learn the game of football? Pu-leeze!!!!

Look. You don’t have to know enough to coach the darn sport. But a bunch of guys trying to run over another bunch of guys to get to the opposite side of the field to score some points . . . especially when they wear different color uniforms so you can tell one team from another (unless you’re color blind) . . . geez, you really can’t figure that one out?

Or maybe you just don’t want to. Are your feelings hurt, Dearie? He’s paying attention to this Neanderthal sport instead of you?

But if you were paying attention to it too, the disconnect would be at an end, wouldn’t it?

So. You’re bright enough to follow the sport, yes? And you love him and would like to share what he loves, yes?

So for goodness sake: what’s the problem?

Learn the basics. Take you maybe an hour, hour and a half max to get the gist. Really. Ain’t no big thang, Sugar.

Then cuddle up with him to watch Sunday Night Football. Or Monday Night Football. Or whatever.

Here’s the deal: if you love the guy, why would you want to dictate what you say should be sharable? You wouldn’t want it dictated to you, would you?

So just share, for goodness sake.

See what happens. Trust us: it’s all good.

Very good.

And we should know.

It's B-a-a-c-k - Yes, Ladies - Football Pre-Season is Here - What a Good Thing For Your Relationshipblack t shirt|

write by Albert Marske Jr

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