Just How Long Will the New Orleans Saints Run Last?

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So, if you are a New Orleans Saints fan chances are you are not complaining about much right now. Most likely you are very happy about your team’s progress this season, especially compared to last season. The Saints have improved their game to say the least. Drew Brees is looking better than he ever has in his entire career, Reggie Bush is… Well he’s Reggie Bush and the rest of the team seem s to have fallen right into place at the perfect timing. I must say, their harmony as a team is quite impressive.

On the other hand many may think that the topic of this article may be a contradiction since the Saints have lost their last two games it seems as if their run is already over. But I would have to disagree with that 100%. In my opinion the New Orleans Saints run has just begun. With every game they are learning themselves more and more and if you don’t already know then please allow me to inform you, the key to any team becoming better is knowing all of your strengths and your weaknesses.

With that being said, I think that it’s pretty easy to see that the Saints do still have some work to do before they can actually be the very best team in the league. To be the best you have to beat the best and as of now the Indianapolis Colts are the best and for as much as I love the Saints I just don’t believe that they have what it takes to defeat the Colts. Aside from a lack of the apparent skills and personnel that it would require, the Saint just don’t have the experience that the Colts do. They have been playing football together as a unit for some time now and if they should meet one another in this year’s Super Bowl the Saints will be hard pressed to get a win against them. So is the Saints run over with? Not as of yet but I suspect that it soon will be…

write by morris

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