Keystone Ski Resort Colorado: A Skier’s Paradise

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The keystone ski area has 2,870 acres to ski on, with drops as high as 3,128 feet (953 m) and 130 trails. The only night skiing area in the range, it has trails for everyone, from the novice to the expert skier. The Keystone Ski Resort Colorado has 19 Lifts including two gondolas, one express six-pack and five high speed quads. From freestyle skiing to Nordic cross country racing, the ski opportunities this resort offers are endless and unparalleled. For the novice, ski lessons of various kinds, designed specifically to suit the nature of individual needs, are available. You can opt for private or group lessons. There are also lessons designed specifically to train kids as well as lessons for the disabled skier. The Keystone Ski Resort Colorado has three towering mountains for you to choose from, each offering an amazing ski experience and unique features.

Tips to Conquer the Three Mountains of Keystone Ski Resort Colorado

The Outback: The tallest of the three, it towers at 11,960 feet. Some long, well groomed runs, powder, bumps, et al await the skier, along with some of the most challenging tree skiing in the north bowl and the south bowl. The head pumping and jaw clenching adrenaline rush of speed skiing can only be experienced on such terrain. The addition of the outback to the Keystone Ski Resort Colorado in 1990 made people change their perception of the resort as a place for easy terrain. On the north facing slope of the mountain are Conquest and the victory chutes, the snow is relatively soft here. Right under the Outback Express ski lift, there is a great groomer with enough space for some gnarly turns. Stay right at the top for a mogul field to the right of the groomer.

The North Peak: At 11,660 feet, the mountain boasts steep mogul-covered runs and smooth cruisers. It caters to the more advanced skier, full of long trails that are absolutely full of bumps. In recent years, the Keystone Ski Resort Colorado has added lifts that extend into “outback” areas of advanced terrain, including small bowls where one can enjoy the solitude of nature.

Dercum: Standing at 11,640 feet, it has great groomers for cruising all day and is perfect for beginners and experts alike. For absolutely breathtaking tree skiing, you can go to the slope called the Windows and, for showing off your skiing skills, visit A 51, the terrain park. At the park, you can spend the day on rails, jumps, jibs, in the Super Pipe and more. It is said to be one of the best parks in North America.

This resort has such a gamut of ski activities that keep you busy all day and all night too (as Colorado’s only night time skiing opportunity is here) and for those who are looking for a ski adventure know this, it is addictive. Even those who are amateurs have been known to lose their heart to skiing here.

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