King Of The Hill (Season 3) DVD Review

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Initially aired following the 1997 Super Bowl, King of the Hill discovered an instant audience niche that has the followed the show loyally ever since. The brainchild of Beavis and Butthead creator Mike Judge (also known for the hit movie Office Space), King of the Hill is a unique animated series in that it doesn’t rely on “cartoon” suspension of reality or outlandish antics. In fact, the show would arguably be just as successful if it were not animated at all. Nevertheless, it’s Mike Judge (voice of Hank Hill) and his unique brand of humor that make King of the Hill a must-see TV series…

Set in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas, King of the Hill follows the life and exploits of Hank Hill and his traditional nuclear family. Hank is a red-state propane salesman who loves beer and apple pie, but he’s constantly inundated with modern liberalism and grapples with the demands of political correctness. Hank is joined by his wife Peggy (a substitute teacher), his son Bobby (an awkward pre-pubescent youth), and a trailer park-like live-in niece named Luanne… Providing added comic relief to the series are Hank’s off-the-wall friends Bill, Boomhauer (who is inaudible), and Dale (who believes everything is a government conspiracy)… Hank’s Laotian neighbor Kahn (whose daughter Bobby is quite fond of) and his family live next door, providing Hank with a continuing dose of culture shock…

The King of the Hill (Season 3) DVD offers a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere “Death of a Propane Salesman” in which Hank and Luanne narrowly escape a propane explosion at the Mega Lo Mart, prompting Hank to develop a job-threatening fear of propane. Meanwhile, Luanne (who had her hair burnt off in the explosion) follows in the footsteps of Sinead O’Connor and becomes a community activist… Other notable episodes from Season 3 include “Pregnant Paws” in which Hank becomes obsessed in his effort to breed his dog, and “The Wedding of Bobby Hill” in which the Hill family, in order to teach Bobby a valuable lesson, manage to convince him that he’ll have to marry his cousin Luanne…

Below is a list of episodes included on the King of the Hill (Season 3) DVD:

Episode 36 (Death of a Propane Salesman) Air Date: 09-15-1998

Episode 37 (And They Call It Bobby Love) Air Date: 09-22-1998

Episode 38 (Peggy’s Headache) Air Date: 10-06-1998

Episode 39 (Pregnant Paws) Air Date: 10-13-1998

Episode 40 (Next of Shin) Air Date: 11-03-1998

Episode 41 (Peggy’s Pageant Fever) Air Date: 11-10-1998

Episode 42 (Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men) Air Date: 11-17-1998

Episode 43 (Good Hill Hunting) Air Date: 12-01-1998

Episode 44 (Pretty, Pretty Dresses) Air Date: 12-15-1998

Episode 45 (A Fire Fighting We Will Go) Air Date: 01-12-1999

Episode 46 (To Spank with Love) Air Date: 01-19-1999

Episode 47 (Three Coaches and a Bobby) Air Date: 01-26-1999

Episode 48 (De-Kahnstructing Henry) Air Date: 02-02-1999

Episode 49 (The Wedding of Bobby Hill) Air Date: 02-09-1999

Episode 50 (Sleight of Hank) Air Date: 02-16-1999

Episode 51 (Jon Vitti Presents: Return to La Grunta) Air Date: 02-23-1999

Episode 52 (Escape from Party Island) Air Date: 03-16-1999

Episode 53 (Love Hurts and So Does Art) Air Date: 03-23-1999

Episode 54 (Hank’s Cowboy Movie) Air Date: 04-06-1999

Episode 55 (Dog Dale Afternoon) Air Date: 04-13-1999

Episode 56 (Revenge of the Lutefisk) Air Date: 04-20-1999

Episode 57 (Death and Texas) Air Date: 04-27-1999

Episode 58 (Wings of the Dope) Air Date: 05-04-1999

Episode 59 (Take Me Out of the Ball Game) Air Date: 05-11-1999

Episode 60 (As Old as the Hills) Air Date: 05-18-1999

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