Laser Hair Removal Works. But, Not All Systems Are the Same.

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Which laser to choose?

– Spot size

The spot size of a laser determines how much skin area can be covered per laser pulse. Additionally, only the largest spot sizes can address hair follicles at deeper levels. Lasers with larger spot sizes (18 mm)can cover more area much more quickly. For example, a laser hair removal treatment of the back or full legs could take as long as 2 hours with older lasers. Today, these areas can be completely treated in less than 20 minutes.

How many lasers does the practice own?

There is no single laser that can effectively treat all skin types. Light skinned people need s short pulse for efficient hair removal,while dark skinned people require a longer pulse to ensure safety and to protect the skin. Be sure to find a medical practice with a minimum of 2 lasers.

– Cooling systems

Each laser has a different way of cooling the skin. Some lasers use a topical cooling gel, others use a chilled tip. The most consistent, comfortable and safest way to cool the skin is with a Dynamic Cooling Device or DCD. Lasers equipped with a DCD cooling system are so effective in providing cooling to the skin that no topical numbing creams are necessary.

– Light Sources

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Systems are not lasers. They can remove hair, but recent peer reviewed medical studies show that IPL systems are not the current standard for laser hair removal.

Choosing a Laser Hair Removal Center

Board Certified Physician

Many laser hair removal centers today operate without a physician. It is important to be certain that a board certified physician is on the premises or available in case of a concern.

Packages of treatments

Laser Hair Removal works on hair while it is in the growth phase only. At any given time, between 20% to 40% of the hair on any face or body area may be in a growth phase. Multiple treatments are required for complete clearance of the hair. However, each person may respond slightly differently. Laser hair removal centers should charge for just one treatment at a time. A reputable medical office or medical spa offering laser hair removal will offer individual treatments and not insist on payment of multiple treatments up front.


Because lasers for hair removal are much faster today than ever before, prices should be lower as well. An office offering laser hair removal can charge less for a laser hair removal treatment of the legs taking just 20 minutes vs. a 2 hour treatment with an older generation laser.

Specials and Guarantees

Avoid centers offering “specials” on treatment packages, particularly if there is pressure to buy because a “special” is set to expire. If a laser works well, specials aren’t needed. Some “laser centers Guarantee results only to go out of business, so beware of business practices that don’t make sense to you.

Cost available online and on the phone:

The cost of a treatment isn’t based on the amount of hair. Price is based on time and the area treated. A person with sparse hair in any given area will require the same amount of time and pulses as a a person with very dense hair in the same area. if a laser center is unwilling to provide prices over the phone or online, that could be a red flag and a center that puts a lot of pressure on consumers in their facility.

write by Gregory Binford

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