Marino Trivia- How Much Do You Know About Dan the Man?

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In the never ending quarterback controversy, different quarterbacks are described by different people as being the greatest ever. Some people believe that Joe Montana, with his San Francisco dynasty, was the greatest. Others think that John Elway, with “The Drive” and his come from behind wins, was top dog. Certain people even argue that Archie Manning, had he ever played for a decent team, would have gone down in history.

No matter who you argue for in the greatest quarterback to play the game controversy, there is no argument that Dan Marino was one of them. A man who owns NFL records and the hearts of fans, the only thing he is without is a Super Bowl ring. Nonetheless, even without the Lombardi trophy, Marino will always be one of the greatest arms to ever throw a football. Test your Dan Marino knowledge to see how much you know about number 13, a number that was only unlucky to Dolphin opponents.

1. What is Dan Marino’s middle name?

a. Raymond

b. Leroy

c. Constantine

d. Anne

2. What college did Dan Marino attend and play quarterback?

a. University of Colorado

b. University of Pittsburgh

c. University of Wyoming

d. ITT Technical Institute

3. During the 1983 draft, how many quarterbacks were taken ahead of Dan Marino?

a. None, he was drafted first

b. Five

c. Three

d. Marino was drafted as a linebacker

4. When Dan Marino first began with Miami, he was the backup to what quarterback?

a. David Woodley

b. Bob Griese

c. Earl Morrall

d. Bart Starr

5. Marino obtained his final victory when the Dolphins defeated the Seattle Seahawks in January 2000. In Marino tradition, this was a come from behind win. It was also what?

a. An overtime victory

b. Marino’s first playoff road win

c. A game where Marino threw six touchdown passes

d. A shutout

6. When Dan Marino’s jersey was retired on September 17, 2000, only one other Dolphins jersey was also retired. Whose jersey was it?

a. Bob Griese

b. Larry Csonka

c. Steve Deberg

d. Flipper

7. What day was Dan Marino inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

a. August 7, 2005

b. August 7, 2004

c. August 7, 2006

d. He didn’t make the hall of fame, it was close though

8. Which of the following movies was Dan Marino not in?

a. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

b. Little Nicky

c. The Godfather

d. Bad Boys II

9. On November 7, 2005 Dan Marino was recognized by the Miami Heat for what?

a. His charity work

b. His NFL records

c. His basketball skills

d. His service to America as the Isotoner Gloves spokesman

10. Dan Marino was the first quarterback in the history of the NFL to do what?

a. Pass for 4,000 yards in eight seasons

b. Pass for 5,000 yards in a season

c. Go a whole season without an interception

d. Draft himself in Fantasy Football

Answers: 1. c. Constantine; 2. b. University of Pittsburgh; 3. b. Five; 4. a. David Woodley; 5. b. Marino’s first playoff road win; 6. a. Bob Griese; 7. a. August 7, 2005; 8. c. The Godfather; 9. a. His charity work; 10. b. Pass for 5,000 yards in a season.

See how you did:

9-10 Correct: Great job! You are Dan the man. Well, if you’re name is Dan.

6-8 Correct: Pretty good. You’ve obviously been reading Dan Marino’s diary.

3-5 Correct: Uh-oh. That Dan Marino poster you have hanging in your room is sure to give you the evil eye when it hears about this score.

Less than 3 Correct: Please tell me you don’t think Dan Marino is a port where boats and yachts are kept.

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