Men Wax, Too!

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Waxing is now also openly available to men. Nowadays, the Modern Man is concerned to display an image of well cared for and well dressed. The macho hairy chest of the recent past is no longer cool and men of different profession are looking for to join new profile and get waxed!

But stay calm and do not be scared – Waxing is no longer a torture! An expert waxologist can lead you through a more relaxing waxing experience. It all depends on the Foundation: the preparation of the skin before the Waxing itself. The first step is to observe the skin and its features. There are structural variations in the thickness of men skins; in general, it is 25% thicker and oilier than women skin, with more of a tendency to develop acne. The presence of accumulated keratin can lead to enlarged pores, compromising the texture of the skin. It is also more acidic and melanocytic than women. Therefore, male skin requires the use of products based on “oil-free” gels and lotions during preparation to wax procedure.

The day before waxing

Wash the chest with an exfoliating soap, which removes the keratin at the base of the hair and will enable perfect contact of the wax with the hair to be epilated, rather than traumatizing the skin. After exfoliation, use a relaxing mousse that serves to soften the hair so it offers less resistance to the wax. Product rich in vitamin B5 protects the skin from folliculitis and in-growing hairs.

Next comes the Waxing itself, which is performed as it is for women, but it is the final step that is the Secret of Success to mens Waxing. A mask of cream that has a cleansing, astringent action, healing effect and, again, reduces the tendency to folliculitis is applied on the waxed area.

write by Marwan Mousa

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