MLM Creative Ideas – How Ron Paul, iPhones and American Idol Will Help Your Marketing

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Ever notice how there always seems to be some topic every day that everyone is talking about? They talk about it at the dinner table, at bars with buddies over a few beers, around the water cooler at work, etc.

Yo, did you watch Super Bowl last night?” And on and on.

Man, did you hear what Apple did with the prices of iPhone?” And on and on.

Who do you think it’ll be? Hillary or Obama?” And on and on.

We, as human beings, are social animals – we tend to follow the herd. When we are given the impression that a topic is of importance and everyone knows about it and is talking about it, we need to be “in the know” also. We don’t want to feel left behind and, quite frankly, uneducated, un-sophisticated, and stupid. So when a hot topic hits the news and the masses catch wind of it, we ALL have to know about it. They all want to find out more about it – if nothing else than just to seem “smart” to their friends and just to have something to contribute.

I am going to show you how to capitalize on this obsession in your creative.

You see, what a hot topic reveals is what is on the forefront of people’s minds. People want to soak up as much of that hot topic as they can on a hot topic – we are driven by a subconscious force to gather as much information as possible.

So… if we, as marketers, learn to tap into that automatic conditioned response, we can draw people to our marketing with ease.

So when you write your creative (your ads, headlines, etc.), think about what’s happening in the world today – it doesn’t even have to directly relate to your market (you will work it into your creative so that it becomes related to your market). Think about what’s hot on the news, what people are talking about in the coffee shop, what is an issue that dominates people’s minds.

For example, at the moment, the hot topics could be Ron Paul, American Idol, Heath Ledger, Britney Spears, the Elections, etc. You can get a sense for what are on people’s minds by paying attention to what the media is reporting and also, looking at what people are searching for the most online.

Sites such as:


Can all help give you insight into what people have been and are searching for. Do a quick search on your favorite search engine got “top searched terms” or variations of it to find out other sites giving you more stats.

Now the challenging and fun part is incorporating a hot topic into your creative. Some examples include:

“American Idols who don’t make it and hates flipping burgers only wishes they can qualify for this golden opportunity.”

“You think iPhones will make you popular? Wait till you get wind of this – All of your friends will be jealous of you!”

“Prospect and recruit endless leads into your MLM business like there’s no tomorrow – this is more powerful than Hurricane Katrina!”

You get the idea. Go nuts!

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write by Edana

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