New York Jets’ Brett Favre is the Best Quarterback of the Franchise

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Brett Favre, long time quarterback of the New York Jets has a hard time identifying the greatest challenge he has faced in the 18 years of his career in the NFL. Favre has encountered tough times in the span of his NFL career, including a car crash and the execution of seemingly impossible plays in his games. But when asked if any of these pose to be the greatest challenge of his career, Favre answers with a no. Right now he is focusing all his efforts on leaving something with the Jets prior to his retirement.

Favre is thinking of ways on how he can help his team to perform at its best with him still around. This is the toughest challenge that Favre admits to having right now. Yet even with this challenge, Favre remains laid back. Even if he was the person who helped transform a below average performing team to a Super Bowl contender, he still believes that there is much to be done to improve the team further.

Favre is the league’s one and only three-time MVP but despite this honor, he relates with his teammates just like any other quarterback does. Even if he is considering retirement, his competitive spirit still shines through which is what the New York Jets need as a team – someone who gives them the desire to win. Jet’s coach Eric Mangini is even at awe with his quarterback on how he performs during the games with so much poise and confidence. Favre is a really good model to his teammates by getting the work done prior to the game and keeping the practice sessions something to look forward to with him around. The guy’s passion for football and love for the game is very contagious and keeps the Jets performing well.

The confidence that Favre has with himself is something that is not commonly seen in quarterbacks and is a result of all the experiences he has faced for two decades. And this is the main quality why a lot of people continue to admire him and his team. But he acknowledges that with age and years of pounding on the body take its toll on the human body causing the performance to fall off, making him think of retirement. But for this season, he is particular on winning the remaining games for the Jets.

The Jets as a team have some secrets to their success and one of these is the good gambles made by Favre, who has thrown the most interceptions in the entire NFL history. Aside from Favre, they have the best runners in the team in the person of Thomas Jones. But a lot has been attributed to the laid back personality of Favre which enabled the team to withstand adversity.

The New York Jets have a gem in their hands with Favre. In the event that he retires, all is hopeful that the team will still continue to perform at their best so as not to disappoint their fans during game days.

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write by Howard Malan

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