NFL – All Time Scoring Record Holder Morten Andersen Retires

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The Danish kicker and NFL all-time leading scorer of 48 years-old Morten Andersen, made known his retirement this December 8th 2008, due to his knee problems, which have affect him over this past years. Andersen, who did not play in the current season, told the press he was trying to get another contract with an NFL team, but he realized that he wasn’t the same and that he could not train now the way he use to. The Danish announced his departure of the NFL in his hometown, Copenhagen, after 25 years of professional career in the American football.

Morten started his football career at Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis in 1977 as an exchange student. His first season as a kicker with Ben Davis was so remarkable that he received a scholarship in Michigan State University in 1978. At Michigan, the Danish kicker achieved numerous records including a 63-yard field goal in the Big Ten Conference. After Michigan State, in 1982, Morten became an NFL- professional player with the New Orleans Saints, where he spent 13 seasons.

After playing with the Saints, Andersen signed a contract with the Atlanta Falcons and played with them for another eight seasons. During the season 1998-99 with the Falcons, he had his career highlight by kicking the field goal that surpassed the Vikings and win Atlanta’s first and only NFC title, reaching the franchise’s first appearance in the Super Bowl.

Later on, Andersen played for one season in 2001 with the New York Giants, and moved to the Kansas City Chiefs for the following two seasons. Afterwards he spent one season with the Vikings and became a free agent after 2004 season; therefore, he didn’t play in 2005. But for the 2006 season, Morten came back to the NFL to play with the Atlanta Falcons once again. In December 2006 he beat the all-time leading scorer Gary Anderson’s record and became the new all-time scorer in the NFL history as well as the NFL’s career leader in field goals made.

Morten signed again with the Falcons in 2007 and finished the regular season making 25 out of 28 field goals, resulting in the most precise season of his career. For this season 2008, he didn’t receive a call to play with any team and as he continued with his knee injuries; Andersen decided it was time to retire.

Morten finished his 25-year career with 2,544 points playing in 382 NFL games. He made 565-of-709 field goal attempts. He also was part of the NFL- decade teams for the 1980’s and 1990’s. With all his career accomplishments we just can affirm that he definitely became one of the best kickers in the NFL history.

In his last press conference as a NFL professional player he expressed that the high spot of his career was reaching the Super Bowl in 1999 with the Atlanta Falcons, which is one of the most important memories he will keep as a professional football player, as well as been selected seven times to the Pro Bowl. Surely Morten Andersen will be remembered not only because of his records but also for his love for the game.

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