Painful, Scary and Expensive Beauty Treatments Kept Secret

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Looking good is important, and even as far back as Egyptian times, various treatments and regimes have been used to stay looking young and beautiful.  These methods are often kept secret, as women do not like to give the impression of being a natural beauty, and may be reluctant to admit to the cost of expensive salon therapies. They certainly do not want to share the gory details of painful and potentially embarrassing procedures like facial injections and bikini waxing with the man in their life! Here are some of the secrets women would prefer you not to know about.

Eyebrow Plucking

Excessive hair growth on the eyebrows is a common problem with teenagers and younger people. If left in their natural state, the eyebrows may look unruly and could even join up in the middle giving a werewolf like appearance. Perfectly shaped eyebrows can make a huge difference in how attractive a person appears.

Face Masks

All manner of products can be applied to the face, often a bright green vegetable based or grey clay substance which can look rather scary. If you have ever done a home face mask and then had to answer the door for a postal delivery, you may have given the Postman quite a fright!

Facial Injections

If you do not like having an injection when you visit the dentist, you may find it strange that a popular anti ageing remedy involves paying someone to inject your face with poison. Botox has been used for several years to remove deep lines and wrinkles by paralysing facial muscles. There are also injections containing dermal fillers which plump up the skin to remove facial lines. To maintain the effect, these injections should be repeated every three to six months.

Bikini Wax

This must be the most tortuous beauty treatment ever invented. The fashion for skimpy bikinis has led to women having to remove excess hair from around the bikini line. This is done by applying a wax strip to the area, and quickly ripping off the strip to remove hairs by the roots. This is quite damaging to the skin and can cause blood to appear in the hair follicle, leaving sore looking red bumps. A more extreme version is the Brazilian wax, were all hair is removed from the pubic area, apart from a narrow strip of hair. So the next time you admire someone on the beach, spare a thought for the pain they may have endured for the sake of beauty.

write by Vera

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