Pop Warner Football Techniques

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The Super Bowl is what many youth football players dream about. It starts at the flag football level and continues throughout high school as players dream of winning a championship.

One huge hurdle that goes into becoming football champions is managing the skill level of each player.

The truth is that everyone is not going to be good at every single thing; so it is key for every player to learn there strengths and weaknesses and then work on both. They should work at cultivating their strengths and enhancing their weaknesses.

During practice, have all of your potential quarterbacks do these drills. Even the players that are not quarterbacks should do these drills because it will help all the players of the team and in the quarterbacks absence someone should be able to step up and take over the role.

There are many different quarterback drills. This drill is named after a basketball team and is called the globetrotter. This is basically set up some that the quarterback and other team members get used to having the ball in their hands.

When playing football no one ever knows where the ball will end up; so it is important that everyone knows how to maneuver the ball all around their bodies. Keeping the football and not turning it over is the main key to youth football success. So this is a great skill to learn.For the next few minutes, the coach will call out loud the body section they should circle around. Then the players will practice dropping and picking up the ball at a quick speed. Being swift is imperative to playing great football.

A second type of effective quarterback drills is the drill where the ball is thrown of between quarterbacks. Two quarterbacks will face one another and one quarterback will have the ball. The one with the ball will run towards the partner and the partner will backpedal.

The player holding the ball starts the drill by passing it to the other player standing across from him. After each reception, the players switch from receiver to passer.

Catching and running are important skills that will vastly improved from using this drill with your quarterbacks. This practice is highly necessary. This drill can b run using a drop back technique, roll out option, traditional under the center exchange or in the shotgun. Please make sure to get your passers many reps before the next game.

There are many different things to practice so that players can become champions. Winning is more than just power and speed; it requires heart and skill as well.

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write by Ahmed Alatari

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