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Do you long for that great shine to your car paintwork, a shine that mirrors the clear blue sky above, a shine that makes you the envy of all your friends and family.

If you discovered a product that can do just this, but also had the added bonus of placing a protective coating over the paintwork of your car that can last for up to three years and had it glistening and shining like new, would you believe it?

If you aren’t looking for the best car polish out there, then you should be, and you should be for several reasons. Apart from your car being your pride and joy and a big investment, you need to remember that your vehicle is under constant attack by the sun’s ultra violet rays, industrial fall out and acid rain. If your car is left unprotected from these elements then the paintwork will surely suffer irreversible damage.

Most car protection products out there are made from waxes, and just like any wax does when subjected to the suns heat, or any other heat, it starts to melt and deteriorate. Then you buy more, and you wax your car again, and the car waxing companies are growing bigger and bigger all the time as you part with more and more cash.

Well did you know there’s a product out there that has been around for a while now; a product that only usually shows itself when a new car salesman asks you if you want to spend more of your hard earned cash on having your new car paintwork protected. Of course most people would spend the extra few hundred on top of the few thousand already spent to protect their new pride and joy.

What they are generally using to protect your car is PTFE car polish and this is the most slippery substance in the world. It has now been introduced into the car market in various different forms, and produces astounding results.

PTFE is not only used in car protection products but also in the marine and aviation industry and has even become a big player in both the caravan and the motorhome market. It simply cannot be ignored as an excellent paintwork protector.

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