Pubic Hair Removal Methods – Threading – The Easy Cost Effective Way To Remove Your Hair

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The hair removal technique known as threading is a very ancient hair removal method that is still being practised in countries in the Middle East and Asia. Although it originated from this part of the world the removal of body and facial hair is very much a part of our day to day life for people the world over who are always on the look out for painless, quick and efficient and cost-effective ways of removing hair.

In fact threading has become so popular in Western countries it is not uncommon to find beauty and personal grooming salons offering the technique to their clients.

The technique itself is quite simple but does need some practice to do it well while not causing pain. While it is similar in nature to plucking and tweezing, it is often used in preference to these two techniques because of the ease in removing hair in clean straight lines.

The technique involves a cotton thread where the ends are tied together creating a loop. The hands are then inserted into the loop and the thread is twisted numerous times. The thread is then moved gently over the hair covered area. As the thread is moved over the hair, the twist in the thread gently “ties-up” the hair and pulls it out by the root.

And while there can be some discomfort associated with any hair removal method, threading is by far the most gentle and pain-free. The surface area of the skin is not effected as it is in hair removal techniques such as shaving and waxing and there is very little discoloration and soreness of the skin after the technique is performed.

Once the hair is removed through threading, the procedure usually does not need to be repeated before one to two months.

If you are looking to use this particular technique on hairier areas such as legs and pubic area, while it is effective and will work, there may be quicker ways to remove hairs from larger areas. You might also want to consider areas that you may find difficult to thread yourself.

So if you are looking for a hair removal method that is virtually painless, lasts as long if not longer than other hair removal methods, is easy to do it yourself (under arms and butts notwithstanding) anytime and any place and that costs literally nothing, you may want to grab your cotton thread and give threading a go. You’ve got nothing to lose but your hair.

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