Simple Tricks to Clean Candle Wax From Marble Candle Holders

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Marble candle holders can enhance the beauty of interiors manifold. That is why these can be easily found in households. Though, the problem that often comes across with marble candle holders is that the wax dropped on the stand over the marble surface doesn’t come off easily. Thus, mentioned below are few tips and tactics to clean the surface of a marble candle stand easily. Have a look at the things needed and procedure of cleaning the candle holder.

Material Needed:

Cotton cloth or paper towel



-Spilled candle wax at times gets extremely difficult to remove but with a little smartness and care the marble surface can be wiped absolutely clean. Markets are flooded with wax cleaning solvents and cleaners but one can get rid of those tough wax spills with the help of simple household articles like cotton cloth, iron etc. Thus, it is not required to invest money in special cleaners and solvents to remove wax from marble stone candle holders.

-The most simple way to remove candle wax from the marble surface is by heating it. All one needs to do is place a piece of cotton cloth or paper towel onto the spot along with that heat an iron on low temperature. Once the iron is heated (low temperature), place it on the cloth or paper towel and let the wax melt itself and get absorbed by the cloth or paper.

-Another simple idea to remove wax spill on any marble decoratives is by scraping it off with the help of a razor blade. It is convenient to do as the blade (a relatively blunt one) does not scratch the marble surface and thus, can be used with out any hassles. Though, the problem with it is that it may end up in leaving behind a thin film of wax which could be really difficult to remove.

Word Of Caution

-Make sure that the iron you use is low in temperature or else it might lead to sudden accidents.

-The scraper you use should be blunt enough that it does not scratch the marble surface.

write by Almira

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